Tanween :

" The New Next "

Tanween 2020 brings you four days of international expertise, hands-on workshops and immersive talks by experts from around the world. Join ‘The New Next’ to receive transformative career advice, the latest industry insights and networking opportunities to develop your creative future.
Tanween, Ithra's Creativity Season, motivates, inspires and prepares a new generation of innovators to become the leaders of a new creative tomorrow.




Chris Edwards

"This is about creating a cultural expansion. To connect with other people and benefit from collaborating together to spark a new level of creativity."


Banan Al Yaquby

"If we elevate, create and nurture design thinkers, we are going to really move forward and evolve design in the region."


Mark Mon-Williams

"Amazing! What a fantastic resource. Reflecting on what has happened in the past, but also looking to the future to understand how we can make the world a better place for the next generation."


Tarek Atrissi

"Tanween, a manifestation of Ithra’s mission, is a platform connecting the young generation of creatives in Saudi."


John Anderson

"The thing to get to the next thing."


Anand Vengurlekar

"An incredible groundswell of creativity and excitement. There is a creativity here that has not been tapped. I think there is a huge opportunity to unleash it!"


Shouq Al-Marzook

"There are no limits to what our youth can do today. It is mind blowing!"

Tanween Over The Years

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