Ithra’s Idea Lab is where ideas come to life. It is home to a creative community dedicated to inspiring and activating innovation within the Kingdom, in addition to offering inspirational classes.

The Idea Lab offers cognitive tools to build on projects in order to complete the design stages and production steps. This is where you will create sustainable projects to add value, set challenges and develop beneficiary products within the market.



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Idea Lab Societies

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Fabrication Machines & Tools

What’s On

Material Library Experience Material Library Experience

Material Library Experience

24th July 2024

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM · 1 hr


Arabic, English

Idea Lab, Level 4 - Do Tank

Idea Lab Society Idea Lab Society

Idea Lab Society

30th July 2024

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Arabic, English

Idea Lab

The Immersive Experience The Immersive Experience

The Immersive Experience

8th August 2024

5:00 PM - 5:45 PM


Arabic, English

Idea Lab - 5th Floor - Immersive Lab

The Factory: Re-Plastic Workspace The Factory: Re-Plastic Workspace

The Factory: Re-Plastic Workspace

19th August 2024

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

All Ages

Arabic, English

Plaza - The Factory



Tanween is the largest creativity platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A celebration of risk-taking creatives and innovative thinkers making an impact in the world. Tanween is an annual event that brings a diverse array of perspectives and experiences together.

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Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions is a yearly thematic innovation program that invites professionals in art, science, and technology in an open call to develop viable solutions using XR technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), immersive audio, and haptics.

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Creative Solutions

Our Tanks & Facilities

Do Tank

Do Tank

The Do Tank includes the Idea Lab’s materials library, containing over 1,600 material samples Alongside access to a database of 10,000 materials curated to inspire and educate visitors interested in design.

Show Tank

Show Tank

The Show Tank is where Idea Lab products and creative ideas are communicated, displayed, and showcased. This space is about demonstrating the creative process, inspiring new alternatives, and sharing inspiring stories. It also hosts a series of talks and workshops focusing on creativity, innovation, design, and the latest trends.

Think Tank

Think Tank

The Think Tank is where brainstorming begins. Here is where ideas are discussed, debated, and collaborated upon to further develop into fine-tuned project concepts.



Idea Lab’s Makerspace provides an exciting collection of fabrication tools and machines that help build and prototype your ideas. 

Ithra Immersive Lab

Ithra Immersive Lab

The Immersive Lab is a digital fabrication space to inspire and engage creatives, develop ideas and prototypes, promote, demo and showcase innovative immersive content.


How can I apply for Idea Lab programs?

You can apply directly through this website. Idea Lab offers multiple programs including workshops, challenges, societies, and more.

What are the requirements to register in the Idea Lab programs?

Each course has different requirements in terms of age, professional level or workshop delivery language. Please read the course description page for more details.

How can I choose the right level of programs?

We recommend you check the requirements of each program and level of experience required before applying.

Will the programs be conducted physically or virtually?

Idea Lab offers programs both virtually and physically depending on the type of program. You can refer to the type of each program.

Are the programs delivered in Arabic or English?

Courses are delivered in Arabic and/or in English. Please refer to the course description page for more information.

I registered on the website and did not receive the email.

We recommend checking the spam folder in your email. You can also contact us at: or call us at: 800-122-1224 during opening hours.

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