What is Ithra Academy?

Aligned with Ithra’s strategic objective of Talent Development, Ithra Academy aims to build capacities and talents in the creative and cultural industries, enabling participants to realize their creative potential through a series of focused and cutting-edge offerings in six domains:

Academy Domains



Literacy is both the foundation of human knowledge and the record of human experience. At Ithra Academy, we…

Art & Design

Art & Design

Planning, curating and producing an idea or a product that has value, significance and/or solves a problem is…

Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Science and technology contribute to society by creating new knowledge and using that knowledge to boost the…

Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership

The creative industries have become an increasingly important economic driver, spurring demand for both…

Film & Performing Arts

Film & Performing Arts

Film is a visual art that communicates feelings, stories and perceptions through the language of moving…



Music is a powerful vehicle for identity and expression that bridges linguistic and cultural divides. As the…

To be the leading expert and resource in building the capacities and talents in the Saudi creative and cultural industries. To play a leading role in developing proficiencies and talents to compete in a global market.

By enhancing skills and knowledge based on best practices, we are committed to providing a positive and stimulating environment for participants to learn, experience unique courses that link the passion of the participants related to the 6 domains provided in Ithra Academy. Participants engage and learn to achieve their potential and become independent life-long learners.

  • Build competencies, talents and skills in the creative and cultural industries.
  •  Provide impactful courses for emerging and established professionals in the six domains.
  • Collaborate and work in partnerships with leading institutions in the field of creative and cultural industries.
  • Generate successful models for creative and education institutions.
  • Establish ready-packaged practices for external knowledge sharing.
  • Leverage in-house expertise to maintain sustainability.
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Academy Levels


1-5 day courses that run for 2-3 hours daily, where participants interact through a number of hands-on activities designed as beginner and introductory training sessions.


3-8 day intermediate training sessions that run for 5 hours daily, where participants interact with special content designed to take them to the next level in their profession.


12-20 day advanced training sessions that run for 6 hours daily, where participants engage with thought-provoking content; meet world-class experts; and interact through multiple experiences (e.g. field trips; end-of-course exhibit, etc.).

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How can I apply for Ithra Academy?

You can apply directly through this website. Ithra Academy offers multiple courses and masterclasses in 3 different levels: 1- Broaden (beginner and introductory) 2- Immerse (intermediate) 3- Emerge (advanced)

How can I know choose the right level of courses?

We recommend you check the requirements of each course and level of experience required before applying. Also, we offer a free-of-charge coaching service that can assist in guiding you through the right track of courses.

What are Ithra Academy domains?

Ithra Academy focuses on six domains: 1- Creative Leadership 2- Art & Design 3- Film & Performing Arts 4- Literacy 5- Music 6- Science & Technology

Will the courses be conducted physically or virtually?

All offerings of Ithra Academy will be held physically in King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. However, some courses in the advanced level only might follow a hybrid approach.

What is the duration of each course?

Depends on the level and type of courses (certified or non-certified). For “Broaden” level it’s 2 – 3 hours daily; 1 – 5 days training sessions. For “Immerse” level it’s 5 hours daily; 3 – 8 days training sessions. Last but not least for “Emerge” level it’s 6 hours daily; 12 – 20 days training sessions.

Are all courses certified?

Yes, all courses of Ithra Academy are certified by King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra). Some courses will be certified by both Ithra and the Knowledge Provider who is delivering the course.

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