Tanween Ithra’s Creativity Conference، is back for its sixth edition at Ithra, and this time, we're diving deep into the theme of "Scale.” Scale in design isn't just about measuring and quantifying; it's a dynamic concept that spans from macro to micro, encompassing ratios, sizes and relationships among various elements. We're not simply exploring scale quantitatively; we're delving into its qualitative impacts.

From architecture to fashion, graphic design and more, our creative visitors will examine the diverse methods and perspectives of applying the concept of scale in various design fields. By understanding how to leverage scale effectively, they will uncover innovative solutions to today's challenges. Join us at Tanween as we celebrate the scalability of design and its profound possibilities.

 Tanween is back from November 1 – 4, 2023!
 Experience it all at the Great Hall!

Tanween Offerings 


Participating in Tanween can provide designers with exposure, networking opportunities, industry recognition, feedback, and potential collaborations, helping them advance their careers, expand their professional network, and gain valuable insights and experiences in the design industry.

  • Opportunity to meet top leaders in the creative industry.
  • Learn in an interactive environment alongside other like-minded people.   
  • Highlights innovative design solutions and thought-provoking ideas within the design industry.
  • Each exhibition offers a unique experience and perspective.
  • “A Day with an Expert” lets the participant experience a personalized and unique learning journey.
  • Carefully selected exhibitions that showcase a diverse range of design disciplines and concepts.
  • Opportunity to design a real-life solution and make a tangible impact.
  • Chance to connect with industry peers, potential collaborators, design influencers, and representatives.
  • The event serves as a platform for designers to receive valuable feedback and critique.
  • Help designers improve their work.
  • Different learning exposures to the talks, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions.
  • Expand their knowledge, gain inspiration, and stay updated with the latest developments in the design industry.    


  • Tanween will attract a diverse range of creative professionals from around the world.
  • Participants will potentially receive international recognition to boost their networking and career.


Strategic Partners 

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Anand Vengurlekar.jpg

Anand Vengurlekar

“An incredible groundswell of creativity and excitement. There is a creativity here that has not been tapped. I think there is a huge opportunity to unleash it!”

John Anderson.jpg

John Anderson

“The thing to get to the next thing.”

Tarek Atrissi .jpg

Tarek Atrissi

“Tanween, a manifestation of Ithra’s mission, is a platform connecting the young generation of creatives in Saudi.”

Mark Mon-Williams .jpg

Mark Mon-Williams

“Amazing! What a fantastic resource. Reflecting on what has happened in the past, but also looking to the future to understand how we can make the world a better place for the next generation.”

Banan Al Yaquby .jpg

Banan Al Yaquby

“If we elevate, create and nurture design thinkers, we are going to really move forward and evolve design in the region.”

Chris Edwards.jpg

Chris Edwards

“This is about creating a cultural expansion. To connect with other people and benefit from collaborating together to spark a new level of creativity.”

Shouq Al-Marzook.jpg

Shouq Al-Marzook

“There are no limits to what our youth can do today. It is mind blowing!”


How long is Tanween Season?

4 days: from November 1 to 4.

How can I get Tanween tickets?

Through the Ithra website and the Center’s box office.

Are there certificates for participating in Tanween Season?

Certificates are only for workshop and Grand Challenge participants.

What age group is allowed to register for Tanween?

Most of Tanween's programs are designed for those aged 18 and over, but the exhibitions in the Great Hall are designed for those aged 14 and over.

Is it possible to buy more than one ticket to attend Tanween?


Is Tanween Season virtual or is attendance required?

All programs are physical.

Is there a discount for Ithra membership holders to register for Tanween Season?

Yes, Excellence-level Members and Knowledge-level Members get discounts for workshops and the “A Day with a Specialist” program.

Is it possible to change the ticket date or refund it if I am unable to attend?

Unfortunately, tickets are not exchangeable or refundable.

Are there programs and events for people with disabilities to register for Tanween Season?

All Tanween programs are suitable for people with disabilities.

What programs and events will Tanween Season offer?

Dialogues, workshops, exhibitions and the “A Day with a Specialist” program

Does entry to the Great Hall require a ticket?

No, unless attending Tanween meetings, and then a free-of-charge ticket is required.

Will the dialogues be recorded and can they be viewed after the end of Tanween?

Yes, they will be available on YouTube after Tanween ends.

Is there simultaneous interpretation for workshops and dialogues?

There is simultaneous interpretation of Tanween's opening ceremony and the Tanween dialogues – but not the workshops.

What is the minimum age to enter the Great Hall?

+14: Anyone younger than 14 years old is not permitted to enter the Great Hall.

Are the Tanween meetings free?

Yes, but attending requires a free-of-charge ticket from one of the information desks at Ithra.

Is attending Tanween’s opening ceremony free of charge?

Yes, but it requires a free-of-charge ticket from the information desks at Ithra.

Where are the four Tanween exhibitions located and do they require tickets?

All exhibitions are in the Great Hall and entry does not require a ticket.

What are the visiting times for the Great Hall and exhibitions?

Exhibitions in the Great Hall are open throughout Ithra’s operating hours.

Tanween Over The Years 

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