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Ithra Creativity Season is back


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The Business of Creativity explores new ways of creative collaboration.


The must-attend event for visual communicators, designers and graphic artists.


A weekend for the architects and designers building the next generation of physical spaces and products.


Tanween is back focusing on “Collaboration” as a part of the creative process that can be explored in so many ways, but ultimately it is an unavoidable action. At some point we will interact, we will give and take, we will intersect and impact others to be able to move onwards. Collaboration has been integral to humanity’s success but is perhaps dismissed, and its power forgotten. Tanween 2022 recognizes the need for a collaboration of cultures, with nature, by technology and for society.



Chris Edwards

“This is about creating a cultural expansion. To connect with other people and benefit from collaborating together to spark a new level of creativity.”

Shouq Al-Marzook

“There are no limits to what our youth can do today. It is mind blowing!”

Anand Vengurlekar

“An incredible groundswell of creativity and excitement. There is a creativity here that has not been tapped. I think there is a huge opportunity to unleash it!”

John Anderson

“The thing to get to the next thing.”

Tarek Atrissi

“Tanween, a manifestation of Ithra’s mission, is a platform connecting the young generation of creatives in Saudi.”

Mark Mon-Williams

“Amazing! What a fantastic resource. Reflecting on what has happened in the past, but also looking to the future to understand how we can make the world a better place for the next generation.”

Banan Al Yaquby

“If we elevate, create and nurture design thinkers, we are going to really move forward and evolve design in the region.”