Tanween is back at Ithra

Mark your calendar, Tanween is back at Ithra from November 1-4, 2023!
Stay tuned for Tanween updates and details on experts, panels, workshops, and more!

Tanween: "Scale"

Tanween is back for its sixth edition at Ithra, and this time, we're diving deep into the theme of "Scale.” Scale in design isn't just about measuring and quantifying; it's a dynamic concept that spans from macro to micro, encompassing ratios, sizes and relationships among various elements. We're not simply exploring scale quantitatively; we're delving into its qualitative impacts.

From architecture to fashion, graphic design and more, our creative visitors will examine the diverse methods and perspectives of applying the concept of scale in various design fields. By understanding how to leverage scale effectively, they will uncover innovative solutions to today's challenges. Join us at Tanween as we celebrate the scalability of design and its profound possibilities.


A Day with an Expert

Beyond traditional lectures and workshops, the "A Day with an Expert" program gives you the opportunity to spend a day with a leading expert in their field, accompanied by a group of people who share your passions and interests. This enriching experience will allow you to get a close look at how the expert works and the secrets for their success. Each program will be unique as it is carefully designed to suit each expert, including interactive experiences, advisory sessions, site .visits and group projects. We will end the day with a memorable dinner experience.

We guarantee you an open-ended experience by building solid relationships with the expert and your fellow colleagues, thus creating opportunities for collaboration, and an impact that will remain with you on both personal and professional levels.

A Day with an Expert

Tanween Panels

Each of us has an area of interest that we always want to explore in detail, to dive into its world and discover its secrets, so we have prepared a series of panels that give you the opportunity to get acquainted with specialists and professionals from various fields.

Each panel in this series addresses a specific topic: fashion, architecture, product design, furniture and more. Please take this opportunity to ask our guests questions, discuss their answers, and explore the experiences of experts and specialists who share your passion for design and innovation while enjoying performances, exhibitions, interactive games and music.

Tanween Panels

Tanween Workshops

The interactive and enjoyable Tanween Workshops are designed to stimulate the creative inspiration inherent in design professionals and amateurs. The aim is to enable them to explore new and diverse aspects in the world of design, develop their creative thinking style, and help them innovate and break out of the ordinary. These exciting hands-on workshops feature interactive experiences that contribute to both professional development and technical skills.

Tanween Workshops

Tanween Mega Challenge - Design Solutions for Refugees

The global refugee crisis is ongoing and continues to grow with every conflict. With limited basic resources and abilities, refugees face uncertain futures and struggle to lead secure lives. From here, the "Design Solutions for Refugees Challenge" program was launched.

Motivated by humanitarian efforts to alleviate hardships that have altered the course of countless lives, Tanween presents an opportunity through its mega challenge for innovators from all over the world to provide solutions that address this global crisis by creating sustainable and empowering solutions that improve the quality of life of refugees inside camps around the world. The Mega Challenge targets three tracks in need of innovative solutions: Education, Food Security, and Power.

Tanween Mega Challenge - Design Solutions for Refugees

What’s in it for the participants

Participating in Tanween can provide designers with exposure, networking opportunities, industry recognition, feedback, and potential collaborations, helping them advance their careers, expand their professional network, and gain valuable insights and experiences in the design industry.

Exceptional Learning Experience

●      Opportunity to meet top leaders in the creative industry 

●      Learn in an interactive environment alongside other like-minded people     

Uniquely Curated Exhibitions

●      Highlights innovative design solutions and thought-provoking ideas within the design industry

  •    Each exhibition offers a unique experience and perspective     

Special Offerings

●      “A Day with an Expert” lets the participant experience a personalized and unique learning journey

●      Carefully selected exhibitions that showcase a diverse range of design disciplines and concepts

●      Opportunity to design a real-life solution and make a tangible impact     

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

●      Chance to connect with industry peers, potential collaborators, design influencers, and representatives

●      The event serves as a platform for designers to receive valuable feedback and critique

●      Help designers improve their work     

Knowledge and Inspiration

●      Different learning exposures to the talks, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions

  •    Expand their knowledge, gain inspiration, and stay updated with the latest developments in the design industry     

Exposure and Global Reach

●      Tanween will attract a diverse range of creative professionals from around the world

●      Participants will potentially receive international recognition to boost their networking and career

Tanween Exhibitions

Tanween returns with a number of exhibitions that celebrate design and creativity in different contexts, taking you on an interconnected journey through four spaces that simulate different paths of design. 

This journey begins with a space showcasing works by graduates of design and architecture colleges from all over the Arab world, then moves on to the second space that displays the outcome of a year's worth of projects and experiences by participants in Ithra’s Idea Lab.

Visitors then arrive at the third space in which they learn about the winning works of the Tanween Challenges, each of which seeks to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to real-world problems. The journey concludes in the final space that includes a carefully curated collection of the works of professional designers and artists, highlighting the role of design and creativity across various scales and trends.

Challenges Exhibition

This exhibition celebrates the winning works of this year's Tanween Challenges, showcasing the skills of designers who have developed practical solutions to multiple problems in collaboration with local, regional and international partners. In addition to displaying winning works from previous challenges, the exhibition features works that have flourished while being transformed from ideas and designs into products that have made their way into the market and contributed to the development of the creative economy.

Every year, these multi-disciplinary challenges are held to encourage innovators from all disciplines and all levels to take on an intense challenge with limited time and resources to come up with innovative and creative practical solutions.

Challenges Exhibition

From the Lab

This exhibition brings together a full year's harvest of creativity and innovation, showcasing the outcomes of the workshops and projects by the societies of the Idea Lab. Visitors are introduced to the creative process in all its stages, starting from initial designs and prototypes, passing through the challenges of implementation, and culminating in final products. This interactive exhibition also celebrates experiments that did not cross the ultimate finish line in terms of being fully realized as products, but are still part of the creative journey of the Idea Lab community.

These experiments may not have been completely successful, but they serve as markers on a roadmap that can guide us toward a different way of thinking, and they are a source that motivates us to develop ideas and improve our path.

From the Lab

Grad Expo

For the third consecutive year, Tanween presents the Grad Expo, which highlights the most outstanding creations by graduates of design and architecture colleges and universities in the Arab world, and aims to support creative and innovative designers in various fields such as fashion design, graphic design, interior design and architecture. This exhibition began in 2021 with cooperation between Tanween and Saudi universities, before extending in 2022 to include Gulf universities. In 2023, the Grad Expo is expanding to cover the entire Arab world in cooperation with many universities that are nominating their brightest and most talented students. This exhibition aims to support Arab youth on their path to professionalism by enabling them to showcase their projects and share their ideas and skills with a group of entrepreneurs and those interested in developing the creative economy.

Grad Expo

Routes to Roots

Isola, in collaboration with Ithra, presents Routes to Roots, an exhibition that explores both how the physical size of an entity does not necessarily dictate its impact on our planet and the power of scale in the realm of design.
The showcase celebrates those who preserve our heritage and the Earth, inviting Tanween 2023 visitors to embrace the beauty of each piece displayed. By drawing inspiration from the accumulated wisdom of our ancestors and pairing it with cutting-edge craftsmanship, emerging talents from different parts of the world breathe fresh life into the design landscape, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation.

Routes to Roots

Tanween Over The Years 

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