Ithra plays an important role in fostering creativity and innovation by bringing unique insights from the  changing global creative and knowledge landscape and empowering Saudi talent with the desired skills to contribute to the Saudi economy.


The second edition of Tanween, Ithra’s Creativity Season, offers an extensive 17-day program curated around the theme of PLAY, to channel our curiosity through an extraordinary calendar of activities, exhibitions, performances and workshops.


Play for knowledge


The Greek philosopher Plato believed that “you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Tanween’s theme of PLAY is designed to encourage creative thinking and advance knowledge.


Through PLAY, Ithra aspires to provide a unique perspective on creativity by offering visitors a rich interactive and immersive platform to spark creativity, celebrate talent and inspire innovation. With 18 performances, more than 33 talks, over 160 workshops, 6 challenges, over 12 installations, and multiple immersive experiences, Tanween champions the creation of local content to provide a cross-cultural exchange between Saudi and global audiences. Tanween’s interactive programs promise young Saudis and aspiring professionals access to international experts to hone their skills and elevate their cultural understanding.


At the Saudi Data: International Art workshop, visitors will embark on a creative journey with the award-winning Spanish designer Pau Garcia to unlock the meaning of data in all its forms: facts, numbers, texts and graphs. This workshop will give the participant a playful tool to analyze data and a fresh perspective on how they perceive data by transforming it into an art form.

The Saudi Games: International Players workshop, allows partiicpants to explore ways to preserve Saudi cultural memories, by highlighting the elements and techniques of transforming traditional Saudi games into the world's collective memory.

Participants will be guided by architect, creative director, and cultural coordinator and Samer Yamani, whose work is associated with multi-cultural design, cultural and creative industries, heritage, publications and others.

Tanween 2019, offers the chance to be part of progressing the Kingdom’s knowledge reserve and advancing your community standing in a world where knowledge and information are vital economic resources.

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