The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, long-since the energy capital of the region – rich in oil, has undergone a transformation wherein it has become the talent capital of the region - rich in human energy. Ithra at its core exists to enhance Saudi talent, providing the leaders of tomorrow with the platform, resources and experiences to elevate their skills to global standards. In-Kingdom talent is set to become the greatest agent of nation-wide change.

As the Kingdom’s foremost creativity platform, Ithra’s Tanween season places talent at the center of its mission and its operations. Tanween connects local talent with global expertise, bringing in international subject matter experts from a variety of disciplines to conduct talks, workshops and demonstrations to curious learners over 17 days.

This year’s Tanween creativity season is where young talented people come to play, soar, and reach new heights in design, art, science, and technology to harness Saudi talent and empower Saudi youth with the tools to explore, invent, and innovate.

Potential meets programming

Gravity Demo will give young people the inspiration to fly, conquer boundaries, and embrace the freedom of elevating their minds and bodies to where the sky is the limit.

Young participants at this year’s Tanween activities will explore ways of dealing with progressive ideas while committing to traditional community values. They are invited to envision a future where they are the agents of change.

At Creative Intelligence, young minds with a fresh perspective will ponder the complexity of artificial intelligence and how to bring about the fourth industrial revolution.

Emerging Saudi designers, artists, architects will find in Tanween a venue to explore their talents and collaborate with local and international experts on how to expend their skills and provide the change needed to better their society.

Beyond professional development, Tanween will deliver a talent showcase. From unexpected physical activities to taking the stage, talent is constantly evolving at Ithra.

Young soccer lovers will be in for a unique treat at Tanween this year with Blind Football with Barcelona program. The Soccer Barcelona Youth Academy will come to Tanween to offer in-depth training, free play and a football match where all participants will be blindfolded while playing football. It’s a chance to explore the senses, stimulate coordination, and engage in physical activity within a positive, fun atmosphere.

Talent isn’t limited to workshops and seminars, but rather is allowed to roam free in the realm of creativity center-stage and shine at Ithra Stage.

In a culture rooted in rich heritage, the preservation of history lies in the hands of the next generation. As they gather at Tanween, they’ll partake in an open dialogue to bridge tradition and modernization through activities such as the Saudi Games: International Players where they will rediscover traditional Saudi games through the contemporary eyes of young gamers.

Young, talented and forward-thinking: the common themes with our Tanween 2019 audience as they showcase their talent, hone their skills, and affect the change they aspire to see in the future.

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