Creativity and imagination go hand-in-hand. Inseperable and often working in tandem to deliver limitless possibility and achieve potential. The biggest imaginative and creative resource? Children. Open to all possibility and unburdened by the limits of the imagination, children expand their understanding of the world through different outlets, such as play.

Tanween 2019, aims to utilize the concept of “Play” to facilitate new methods to create and learn. A return to form, this back-to-basics technique allows for audiences of all ages to rediscover how to play, imagine and create in a thriving environment offering enjoyment in parallel with education. This year’s Tanween also offers the next generation, kids and youths, the means and outlets to unleash the play instinct and let their imagination run free across a 17-day creativity season.

Thrive, play, learn, explore, and be amazed.

Tanween’s curated programs are tailored to draw children’s innocent fascination and provide them with a platform where creativity is exhibited in different forms, reinforcing the idea that creative thought should not limit itself to any singular stream. A creative wonderland offering children demonstrations and lessons in art, science, technology and more.

At The Ideal Exhibition where creation is within reach for everyone, children will have a platform to unleash their imagination and create their own art exhibition.

Science will be a source of wonderment for children at this year’s Tanween season. Greg Foot's Extreme Sports Battle will provide a unique adventure for children to learn about the science and technology behind some stunning performances. They will discover how science can help them soar and defy gravity.

At Microworld exhibition, children will learn how everything is connected. It’s a captivating world of creative coding where children will have the opportunity to design artificial characters and observe them as they evolve over time to adapt to their environment. Microworld is an enriching experience for children to become more aware and attuned to the world around them.

At Giant Puppet Show, children will be in awe of gigantic puppets roaming the streets to tell a story and provoke wonder. One of the show’s key purposes is to make people and especially children look to the sky in inspiration by these giant characters.

Between the ongoing stream of inspiration, its crucial to take time to simply enjoy. With a playground on offer designed to provide children with playful experiences, a variety of food trucks as well as screening a selected list of educational and entertaining movies for kids of all ages, this Tanween promises kids a creative space while emphasizing the importance to both play to learn and play to enjoy.

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