The second edition of Tanween, Ithra’s annual creativity season, is programmed around the theme of PLAY, a key ingredient in creativity. The season has opened to much success with global pioneers, leaders and experts interacting and engaging with our curious and creative Saudi participants.


Saudi’s creative talent has the potential to make significant contributions to the Kingdom’s creative and knowledge economy, by leveraging the promise of design, innovation and technology.


Equipping the Visionaries of Tomorrow


This year, Tanween offers visitors the opportunity to explore their skills and channel their creativity through the complexities of balancing the rise of AI and the well-being of people and the environment at the Creative Intelligence workshop. It is designed to engage and introduce young Saudi minds to practical methods that can help them understand a future they can survive and thrive in.


PLAY as a tool has the power to help foster the skill of predicting and problem-solving.


The Problem-Solving for a New Future workshop is designed to integrate PLAY as a component of creative thinking and introducing participants with the desired skills to find new ways of problem-solving to tackle future hurdles.


At the Visualization and Creation of XR Experience workshop, participants will explore the practical applications of immersive technologies, that can merge the physical and virtual worlds. This workshop demonstrates the applications across creative, financial, commercial, and educational sectors in retail, training, telecommuting, marketing, real estate and entertainment. It also offers participants a better understanding of extended reality (XR) experiences, as they learn how to design and build an XR device using today’s immersive technologies, including AR, VR and MR.


A physical presentation of virtual data


The Data Strings installation is a playful form of visualizing data by simply using threads on a wall to create a string sculpture. It’s a reflective experience on reality and virtual data by allowing each participant to add their own information to an evolving map of varying data, collected from other people depicting their personal, geographic data, individual opinions and way of life. It aims to give people a physical presentation on how their virtual data can be woven and constructed to portray their reality.


Change the state of play


In the future, what role will technology play in changing our lives and the world we inhabit? Through our body movements, we discover the power of interaction with games that employ innovative tracking technology.


At the Microworld exhibition, children can learn how everything is connected, by creating and designing their own artificial characters and observing them as they evolve over time to adapt to their environment.


Vision and innovation has moved beyond traditional physical platforms. In a world where virtual is the new actual, our perceptions and ability to meet it will determine the limits of of our achievements


Creative Intelligence


October 2019 / / Tickets


Problem-Solving for a New Future


October 2019 / / Tickets


Visualization and Creation of XR Experience


October 2019 / / Tickets


Sustainable Design


October 2019 / / Tickets


Play ²


October 2019 / / Tickets




10 - 26 October 2019 / Children’s Museum / Tickets


Data Strings


October 2019 / / Tickets










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