To quote psychologist Abraham Maslow, “Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.” And Tanween 2019, ensures that each member of the family gets to experience “Play” in a never-before-seen way, with creativity guaranteed.

Why “Play”?

“Play” rekindles a childlike fascination to discover and explore. No matter the interest, no matter the age, Tanween 2019 is designed to deliver 17 days filled with art, creativity, culture and, above all, fun across each program and component.

How do we “Play”? Together.

“Play”, an essential ingredient in the creative process, may be the focal theme for Tanween’s professional audience, but the concept “Play” itself is unlimited in our everyday lives. From food and art to talent showcases and out-of-the-box workshops, we’re welcomed into the Tanween playground - the ultimate creative destination to unlock and discover creativity through the power of play. Beyond the professional tracks, our curious learners also encompass families. Each member of the family will have the opportunity to play, learn and rediscover creativity in activities that suit their interests and spark their imagination.

Center-stage or in the audience.

The stage has long been the quintessential setting to unleash creativity or watch it played out in front of your eyes. The entire family will have a chance to follow the yellow brick road in a lavish production of The Wizard of Oz stage show, featuring breathtaking special effects, dazzling choreography, and songs from the beloved 1939 classic. Or take to the stage yourself and show the world what you’ve got. At Ithra Stage, talented children and parents will have a chance to shine and showcase their talents in singing, music, acting, or art.

Installation inspiration.

The beauty of art is that it can be enjoyed and appreciated individually or collectively. Discover it together as family members can experience art firsthand by becoming part of art installations at: ADA where a family dynamic can be drawn on white walls by merely playing with a helium balloon spiked with charcoal. Architect of Air where they will emerge with a sense of wonder by immersing in radiant colors and daylight shining through luminarium’s fabric. And Kaleidoscope where they will learn new depth and a new meaning to colors.

“Play” participation.

Creativity is often unleashed through interactivity. Getting involved in the creative process and breaking down barriers can unleash unlimited “Play” potential and open individuals to experience wonder. Parents and kids alike will enjoy a comical educational experience at Clown Me In the workshop, where they will meet clowns who use laughter through mime and slapstick to engage their audience on social subjects such as littering, recycling, and personal hygiene. At Box Wars, they will learn to design and build battle machines and artillery made out of cardboard. It’s a unique form of competition where all combatants will be playing to lose while having fun. Mommy and Me Yoga offers mothers the opportunity to enjoy observing their kids mimic what they do on the yoga mat in a harmonious environment. At Taste The Sky, the entire family is invited to enjoy a new dessert experience, where delicacies are light as air, floating above their plates evoking a new sense of wonder as part of this playground of activities.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring your family to Tanween, 2019 where you can experience the world through your children’s eyes and your family can take part in an environment of joy, education, and discovery.



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