The Magic of…


The morning sunlight sees you greet a new day as you soak in the spritz of your favorite perfume. The scent wakes you up, refreshing your mind and mood with that moment of warmth. The magic we find in our lives can be as simple as a scent.

The midday sun grants droplets of luck in everyone's day. You relish a delicious meal and good company as the laughter lifts your spirit, Maybe you find a new YouTube channel you enjoy. The magic we find in our lives can come from small things.

At night, when the moon gleams brightest, you find yourself stretching the day away, indulging in a hot cup of soothing tea, and enjoying a favorite show or reading the next chapter in your book. Warm water cleanses your skin and your mind is coddled as you tuck yourself in bed. The positivity we find in our lives can be as simple and soothing as sleep.

The magic in our lives allows us to find and act on a passion, to transition into a peaceful state. The magic in our lives makes us feel powerful, authentic, strong and beautiful.

And just as with yin and yang, the negative sides of these moments of pleasure can reveal themselves. They may cause pain; because they make us feel powerful and allow us to experience strong feelings. They put pressure on us and make us feel anxious, as we become selfish out of fear of loss, and sometimes they can break us—making our own reflection unrecognizable. That magic in our lives is often left behind in our childhood.

The positivity in our lives can be found within us, as the free child we once were: when the smallest objects felt like the biggest treasure in our hands. When running and laughing was necessary to catch up with our friends. When each new moment felt like a magical experience.

As adults, we can still find that positivity. It can be in the eyes of a friend. In the scent of a favorite fragrance. In our adored childhood cartoons. In riding a bike for the first time in a long time. In stomach-hurting teary laughter. In breathtaking sunsets. In seeing a butterfly. In buying ourselves a precious gift. In listening to the quiet when alone. The magic in our lives can even be felt after a good cry—when your mind, body, and soul shed the stress and pain, and you find the best friend you ever had greeting you in the mirror the next morning.

In the end, the positivity in our lives makes us lucky, lasting within us and making us feel more human. It makes us value ourselves, our lives, our family and friends, and our experiences. And best of all, positivity allows us to embrace one another with kindness, respect, trust and care.


"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."


-       Albus Dumbledore

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