Course Description:

One of the biggest challenges faced by writers is linguistic communication. It is the strength, correctness and clarity of a language that must be mastered by a writer. In order to write a compelling text, one must deliver their message to the audience using creative techniques.

This course will empower authors, creative writers and editors to excel above and beyond in creative writing. It will also help publishers, content writers, and language lovers to improve their editing and writing skills. 
During this course, participants will focus on the essential tools necessary to strengthen their writing skills through practicing and training under the facilitator’s guidance and supervision.


Course Objectives:

  • Obtaining the necessary skill to edit various literature genres.
  • Editing literary texts with the ability to improve them through revision and rewriting.
  • Reconstructing a literary piece in order to strengthen it.
  • Exploring the dictionary and thesaurus to strengthen a literary piece’s vocabulary.
  • Combating weaknesses and strengthening a literary text through editing and revising a piece.


Course Outcomes:

  • To acquire the ability to professionally evaluate and critique literature.
  • To distinguish points of weakness in a text.
  • To edit literary mistakes and offer constructive criticism to strengthen a piece.
  • To skillfully rephrase a weak literary text.
  • To use captivating vocabulary that adds value to a literary text.


Recommended for:
authors, creative writers, and editors.


Mohammed Rabee

Mohammed Rabee is an Egyptian author known for his captivating and creative well written novels. In 2010, he published his first novel, titled “ kawkab alanbar”. Moreover, due to this novel, he received his first award in 2011, the najeeb saweers award in the youth authors category. With passion, he continued to publish many more novels, including “the year of the dragon” in 2012, and “Atared” in 2015. Due to his amazing writing, he was recognized in the Arabic poker novel list in 2016 for his novel “Atared”.

Mohammed Rabee

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