Ithra Content Initiative

Within the framework of enriching and developing Arabic content, Ithra has announced the launch of the third edition of the largest Arabic content creation initiative in cooperation with the Cultural Development Fund. The initiative, which was launched in 2020, aims to develop the creation of local cultural content, in addition to providing various opportunities in the cultural and creative sectors in the Kingdom to bring Arabic content on par with international standards. The program targets Saudi SMEs content creators who wish to produce readable, audible or visible Arabic content and provides them with the ability to apply via the designated registration portal. Projects will then be evaluated by specialized judging committees to nominate the winners who will receive financial, marketing, and consulting support from Ithra.

Why Should You Apply?

Financial Support

This program provides financial support to motivate talents and enable them to create high-quality Arabic content.

Financial Support

Marketing Support

This program provides marketing support to contribute to the wider outreach of the products that belong to the winning projects.

Marketing Support

Consulting Support

Experts and specialists in the same fields as the selected projects will be appointed as consultants to provide knowledge, technical support and the necessary guidance to the winners before signing the contract agreement, and throughout the duration of the implementation period up to the final delivery of the project.

Consulting Support



Registration Opens: January 2,  2024


Deadline for Submitting Applications: April 30, 2024


Winners Announcement: During August, 2024


Participation Tracks 


Terms and conditions

View Terms and Condition

  • The registration is open for Saudi-registered SMEs.
  • The content of the submitted project must address topics related to the local or Arabic culture.
  • The main language of the project must be classical Arabic or the colloquial dialect (plain), except for the translation track, such as in translating books from Arabic to other languages.
  • The winning projects must be implemented in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and aimed primarily at the local audience.
  • The project timeline should not exceed 24 months and documentation records will be required during the project’s implementing phase in addition to the final product at the end.
  • To provide more opportunities to content creators and cultural institutions, applicants can submit two projects in any track; each project must be submitted in a separate application and under a different email address.
  • Projects should be submitted by filling out the application form via the registration portal on the track page. Projects submitted via email will not be accepted.
  • The estimated cost of the project must be within the limits of the grant and allocated to cover the costs of completing the project, excluding retroactive costs.
  • Aramco board members and administrators, Ithra employees, jury members, and program advisors are not allowed to participate.
  • Those who have received two consecutive grants are not eligible to participate unless two cycles have passed after the last grant.

Evaluation and Selection Criteria

After the submission phase ends, Ithra will review the projects to ensure that applications are complete and that they adhere to the program application guidelines specific to each track. Only applications that have passed the initial inspection will be processed. An independent jury will then evaluate the applications and nominate the projects that will receive the awards. Please see the evaluation process and criteria for more details.

Announcement of Results

The awarded projects and their representatives will be announced on Ithra website and social media platforms. An email will also be sent to applicants whose projects were not selected.

Award Contract

Ithra will draft a contract for the winners to sign after they are selected for the award. The contract will also include start and end dates, award value, budget details, financial requirements, payment schedule, general provisions, implementation method and amendments, and required reports and project results.


Subject matter experts and specialists will be appointed as consultants to provide intellectual, creative and technical support and guidance prior to signing the contract and throughout the project implementation period until final delivery.


How can we contact you?

By emailing us at:

What is a creative portfolio? Why is it important?

A creative portfolio contains samples of previous work, showcasing the skills of the artists. Its importance lies in providing evidence of the project team's eligibility to participate in the program.

Is the program targeted towards a specific age group?

There are no age restrictions in this program.

Do you require a certain educational background and/or experience to apply?

Yes, the team must have sufficient experience to complete the submitted project.

Is it possible to participate in several tracks?

Yes, and in order to give more opportunities to creators and cultural organizations, applicants may submit up to two projects this year.

How do I get support from a company/organization?

You may communicate with companies/organizations regarding your concept, and explain the terms of the program. If you do not wish to register your own company/ organization, you may cooperate with others that produce content suitable for your project.

Why is a company/organization required for some tracks? Why don't you support individuals directly?

Because one of the program goals is to stimulate the content production sector in the Kingdom, meaning to support its companies/organizations. The program also requires some financial reports that can only be accepted from registered companies/organizations.

Is there a specific number of winners for each category?

No, there is no specific number of winners for each category.

What is meant by project methodology?

This term refers to the approach followed in order to complete a project including the policies and principles used for problem solving, in addition to specific details regarding project phases, tasks, methods, and tools used.

What is the role of the consultant?

The consultant is an expert in their respective field and their role begins after a project has won.  The consultant corroborates the quality of the project’s developmental stages as well as the its compliance with the agreement with Ithra.

How do I benefit from the consultant’s services?

If the project team lacks experience in one of the project areas, they can seek mentorship from a consultant.

Will I be disqualified if my data or forms and attachments are incomplete?

After the submission period ends, applications that are incomplete or lack supporting evidence will be disqualified, without any prior notice.

If I am outside the Kingdom during the initiation period, will I be disqualified?

For tracks that require the application to be through an entity, residency in Saudi Arabia is not mandatory provided that the grant is exclusive to a Saudi company/organization. For tracks that provide grants to individuals, the applicant must be a Saudi national or resident of Saudi Arabia, and they will not be disqualified if they are outside the Kingdom for a short period of time.

Is it mandatory that the project cost conforms to the budget allocated for all tracks?

The Content Initiative supports projects as a whole or in part. Therefore, it is possible that the total value of the project exceeds the allocated amount in the program. However, Ithra will only provide the funds allocated per track.


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