Open call: December 21, 2022         


Deadline: March 31, 2023


Announcement: August 13, 2023 

Literature and Creative Writing

The Literature and Creative Writing program of the Ithra Content Initiative provide grants to support:

  •   Poetry books: classical, contemporary, and experimental poetry projects;
  •   Novels;
  •   Short stories (the project cannot be a single story, rather a collection of stories);
  •   Biographies and auto-biographies;
  •   Creative writing: writing projects that do not fall under a specific genre;
  •   Children’s literature: new and original stories, and adaptations of classical Arabic and international classical literature.

Contract and Grant Amount

The program provides grants ranging from 200,000 SAR to a maximum of 300,000 SAR per project.


Projects must be completed within two years of signing the contract, during which grantees must submit the necessary financial and narrative reports, in addition to the agreed-on final output.


Eligible Candidates

  •   The program is open to applicants residing in SAUDI ARABIA, including Saudis and other residents;
  •   Non-Saudis must be endorsed by a Saudi institution;
  •   The applicant must be a registered institution or company. Individuals are eligible if they have an institution endorsing them;
  •   Project applications are accepted regardless of age, years of experience, ethnicity, gender or religion.


Ineligible Candidates

  •   Saudis living abroad;
  •   Members of the Aramco Board of Directors, corporate management, Ithra staff members except volunteers; members of the jurors’ committee, program advisors.
  •   Recipients of two consecutive grants unless two rounds passed since the last grant.

Important Note:

To give more opportunities to artists and cultural institutions, applicant can apply with only two projects this year.


Eligible Expenses

The grant covers project-related expenses;

  •   Artist fees;
  •   Production costs;
  •   Communication costs;
  •   Rental of equipment and purchase of materials;
  •   Institutional operations fees.


Place and Duration

Selected projects must be implemented in Saudi Arabia and be geared primarily to the Saudi audience.

The project timeframe shall not exceed 24 months. Only expenses that occurred after the signing of the contract and are approved by the grant management team will be considered eligible. The program does not cover expenses retroactively.

How to Apply

●    Applications may only be submitted through the online application portal on the Ithra website.

●    Applications submitted via regular mail or email will not be accepted.

●     Incomplete applications or applications lacking sufficient supporting materials will be immediately disqualified. Ithra will not contact applicants to inform them if part of the application is missing.

●     To apply, click here. (The submissions period is closed).

●      The deadline for applying is March 3١, 2023 at 5 p.m. (Saudi Arabia time).

●      Please note that Ithra will not respond to any inquiries communicated after March ٣٠, 2023.

Supporting Materials

  •   Applicants must submit supporting material for the project they are applying with;
  •   Applications lacking sufficient supporting material will not be considered;
  •   Applicants must submit samples of previous work unless this is the applicant’s first project;
  •   For poetry books: at least 30% of the final book must be submitted;
  •   For novels: at least two-three chapters of the novel must be submitted with the application. The chapters should comprise at least 20% of the final novel. In addition to the chapters, a clear outline of the novel is requested;
  •   For short stories: at least 30% of the final text must be submitted; 
  •   For biographies and auto-biographies: at least two-three chapters of the book, in addition to the curriculum vitae of the writer. Presenting proof of access to the subject or archives is encouraged;
  •   For creative writing: at least 30% of the final book must be submitted;
  •   For children’s books: for adaptations from classics, a chapter of the adapted story is required. For original writings, the final script of the story is required.
  • For original writings, the final script of the story is required.

Evaluation and Selection Process

Following the submission deadline, Ithra will conduct an administrative check to ensure that applications are complete and adhere to the guidelines mentioned above. Only applications that pass the administrative check will be processed. An independent jurors’ committee will assess the applications and choose the projects to be granted. Please see Evaluation Process for more details.


Ithra is not obliged to cover the total amount of the requested grant.



Grant Announcements

The grant winners will be announced and published on the Ithra website and social media platforms. An automatic email will be sent to applicants whose projects were not selected to receive grants.


Grant Contract

Before the grant winners are announced, Ithra will provide a grant contract to be signed by the nominated grantees. The contract will include start and end dates, grant amount, budget breakdown, financial requirements, payment schedule, general provisions, implementation and amendments, required reports and project results.


One (or more) advisor will be assigned to every winner to provide support during the implementation period, depending on the need of the project. The advisor can be on the technical or administrative levels.


What is the advisor’s role?

The advisors are subject matter experts who will approve the milestone delivery, assuring that submissions’ quality matches the contract specifications and that the content complies with Ithra guidelines.

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