The Ithra Museum is home to five galleries, respectively dedicated to contemporary Middle Eastern Art, Saudi culture, Islamic art, the natural history of the Arabian Peninsula and Archive gallery.

With each gallery focusing on a specific theme, the Museum invites conversation igniting new ideas and new forms of cultural expression. With a focus on knowledge and innovation, the galleries aim to enrich the visitor experience by offering interactive technology alongside historical and cultural learning, to bridge the past and present.

Ithra Museum combines the power of interactive exhibitions, insightful lectures, and specialized tours to deliver an enriched and transformative experience.

The Museum provides temporary exhibitions, collections on loan via partnerships, and an ever-growing assortment of artwork and artifacts representing the world’s richest cultures, including the Kingdom and beyond. At the center of the Museum is Ithra’s spiritual heart, the “Source of Light,” a towering 90-foot high masterpiece by Italian master Giuseppe Penone representing the symbolic site where commercial oil was first discovered in the Kingdom; a nod to Ithra’s mission to tap into human energy.

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Funoon Gallery (Gallery 1)

As contemporary art offers its artist a fundamental sense of self, at Funoon Gallery, we commit to a sensational platform to showcase talent and celebrate artworks.

Ajyaal Gallery (Gallery 2)

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to embrace change and modernization, Ajyaal Gallery provides a voyage into Saudi’s heritage.

Kunooz Gallery (Gallery 3)

The heart of the Kingdom is tied to its Islamic roots. At Kunooz Gallery, art admirers and curious visitors are presented with the unique opportunity to discover the beauty of Islamic design and heritage.

Rehlaat Gallery (Gallery 4)

Take a trip around the Arabian Peninsula in our Rehlaat Gallery. Immerse yourself across the geographical landscape, home to diverse species of animals and wonders of nature uniquely found in the Arabian Peninsula.

Aramcorama (Archive Gallery)

The purpose of the Archive Gallery is to provide a historical overview of Saudi Aramco and its context within the wider Kingdom. It contains hundreds of photographic images, thematic overviews in text, and objects, video footage and maps to tell the story of Saudi Aramco.

Great Hall

The Great Hall hosts international exhibitions and events, underscoring Ithra’s role as a global platform and a cultural beacon for the Kingdom.