Learning Beyond 2024

It is a two-day conference on January 19-20, 2024. We are now offering you the opportunity to be part of Learning Beyond 2024 with an open call for workshops and sessions on this year’s theme!

The theme for Learning Beyond 2024 is: Storytelling.

Storytelling has been embraced around the world for thousands of years. Storytelling goes beyond telling and receiving a story. It is a social and cultural activity to share experiences, document history, explore imagination and express through various formats and perspectives. It offers endless opportunities to make an impact, such as preserving culture, reflecting on social aspects, and connecting with others. 

The theme for Learning Beyond 2024 is: Storytelling.

Storytelling is the art of learning through narration. Humans naturally lean towards storytelling as we are recipients of stories. Learning through storytelling is about utilizing this tendency to maximize one’s learning experience. 

In Learning Beyond 2024, we will engage parents, educators and content creators to explore the how, why, where, when, who, and what of storytelling. 

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The conference will focus on two main areas: learning environments and lifelong learning.

In both areas, learning environments and lifelong learning, there are multiple topics that will be presented and discussed. Below are some details to guide and inspire you in building your proposal.


Life-long learning:

  • Learning Styles: Exploring different individual and collective approaches to learning.
  • Learning Strategies: Introducing innovative techniques for learning and their different applications.
  • Learning Tools: Identifying creative tools that can be used in different environments to support learning.


Learning Environments:

  • Imagination Room: Expanding on the conventional idea of a classroom and identifying ways to turn it into a fun, productive and creative learning space.
  • Beyond Books: Encouraging learners to learn through different experiences and interactions that go beyond text.
  • Social Spaces: Exploring the benefit of social spaces and their positive impact on the learning process.



Launch of the open call for submissions

03 August 2023


End of open call

30 September 2023


Selection process

01 October 2023


Feedback and confirmation

14 October 2023

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