What is Alsharqiya Gets Creative?

Alsharqiya Gets Creative is an annual initiative from the community to the community, where the residents of the Eastern Province participate in activating the concept of creativity. It aims to make the Eastern Province a creative province in November each year.

How can I apply as a participant to Alsharqiya Gets Creative? Are there any requirements?

You can apply by filling out the form on the Alsharqiya Gets Creative page. Participation must comply with mentioned criteria.

Can I submit more than one registration form?

Yes, an entity can submit more than one application during the registration time.

Can I submit a previous work?

No, participation must be innovative and up-to date. It should be announced for the first time during this initiative.

What is the duration of Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative?

Alsharqiya Gets Creative will run from  November 1 to November 25, 2023.

Will the initiative provide the participants an outlet for selling at Ithra?

No, there will be no selling outlets at Ithra. The participant or entity should apply based in the same field/industry or platform (online and in brick and mortar).

Who can participate in this initiative?

According to the nature of their work, all entities from different sectors can participate.

What happens after registration?

Participations will be sorted according to the criteria. You will be contacted by Ithra if you match the criteria or not.

Where will the creative works be displayed?

Selected participants work will be displayed on Ithra website.

Is there a registration fee?

No, registering is free.

What should the participation content include?

We are looking for a creative idea based on your entity's field, as it must be suited with one of Alsharqiya Gets Creative participation path's (Program, Production, or Educational).

I would like to change the registered email. What should I do?

Please contact the following email:EPGetsCreative@ithra.com

Can I change the content of the participation after the registration?

Yes, the content can be edited before October 12, 2023.

What is the last date for registration?

The last day to register is October 12, 2023.

When will the selected participants be announced?

The creative works will be displayed on October 22, 2023.

How will the registered participants be selected or filtered?

  • Participation must be unique and creative.
  • Participation must be included in one of the following areas: (creative economy, architecture, fashion, crafts, arts, photography, communication, product design, sound design, interactive activity, and food design), through one of its four participation paths (Program, Production, or Education).
  • The participant should be located in the Eastern Province.

Does the initiative target a specific age?

The initiative is open to all ages.

Does the center provide awards or money prize for the participants?

The selected participants will not receive awards or a money prize for their participation.

Will there be a winner at the end of the initiative?

There will be no winners in the initiative. All the selected participations will be displayed on Ithra website at the end of the initiative.

Is the initiative for Saudis only?

No, the initiative is open for everyone.

Can I participate as an individual?

Your participation as an individual requires having an official logo as identification (for example, a solo artist must provide their logo).

Want to know more details? Or have any query?

You can call us at +966 53 346 7136.

You can also email us at EpGetsCreative@ithra.com

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