Course Description:

Creating a strong and smooth dialog in a literature piece is an essential tool in order to deliver the message. Nevertheless, the perfect dialogue helps the audience enjoy living the story with the characters, know them better and empathize with them. In this course, writers, publishers and the student will be trained professionally in the basics and tools used in order to create a perfect dialogue. They will study the importance of the dialogue, how to start and create a persuasive dialog that helps to boost the literary text to a higher level. Finally, they will practice balancing between the dialogue and narrative in their literary work.


Course Objectives:

  • Building effective dialogues in literary texts through mastery of its tools and rules.
  • Choosing appropriate dialogues for the texts in a way that supports the message of the literary text and takes into account the receiving audience.
  • Presenting characters through dialogues in a strong, expressive and integrated manner


Course Outcomes:

  • To write dialogue that reflects the environment of the literary text with a high level of professionalism.
  • To develop characters and events through dialogue in a professional manner.
  • To present the novel plot in the appropriate language to the reader to convey the message from the literary text in an interesting and smooth manner.

 Recommended for: 

Those interested in the art of stories, novels, and narrative works. It will also be of interest to students majoring in literature and those working in the field of literary publishing.


Mohsen Alramli

Doctor Mohsen Alramli is an Iraqi author, poet, academic and translator. Born in northern Iraq in 1967, Alramli has resided in Spain since 1995. He obtained his doctorate degree with honors in philosophy and literature. He has worked in the press as a writer and cultural reporter since 1985 and has published many articles on Arab, Spanish, American and Latin news platforms. 

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Mohsen Alramli

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