Mohsen Alramli

Mohsen Alramli

Author, Poet, Academic and Translator

D. Mohsen Alramli is an Iraqi author, poet, academic and translator. Born in northern Iraq in 1967, Alramli has resided in Spain since 1995. He earned his doctoral degree with honors in philosophy and literature. Alramli has had an impressive career working in the press as a writer and cultural reporter since 1985, publishing reports on Arab, Spanish and English-language news platforms. 

Much of Alramli’s literary work has been translated between Arabic and Spanish. The genres he engages include stories, poems, plays, translations and novels. One of his best-known novels is "الفتيت المبعثر", which won the University of Arkansas Press Award for Literature for its English translation in 2002. He also has a long list of Arab Booker Awards for his novels including “تمر الأصابع” and “حدائق الرئيس” which were published in 2010 and 2013 respectively. The English translation of his novel “حدائق الرئيس” won the International Pen Award in 2016 and the Saif Ghobash Banipal Award in 2018. In addition, his novel “ذئبة الحُب والكُتب” made the shortlist for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in 2015, while his novel “بناءوأحذية” made the longlist for the same award in 2019. As well, his novel “بنت دجلة,” which has been published in both English and Arabic in 2019 and 2020 respectively, was nominated for the longlist of the Arab Booker Award in 2021.

Most of Alramli’s work has been translated into multiple languages and his work has been a part of numerous international festivals and conferences around the MENA region. He has been active participating in juries and presenting workshops in Spain, Mexico, Kuwait, UAE, KSA and Iraq. Alramli contributed to establishing the publishing company "ألواح" in Spain in 1997. His publishing career also includes his part as a member in the “آركيترابا” magazine’s publishing board and he is a member of the national board organizing the International Poetry Festival in Toledo, Spain. Currently, he works as a professor at Saint Louis University in Madrid, Spain.

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