Course Brief Description:

From a family wedding to the Olympics, event management is the ultimate tool of evaluating, planning, organizing and running an event. Ithra Academy presents a new set of classes dedicated to Event Management tailored by Cyril Zammit, Design Advisor and Consultant based in Dubai.
The 4.5 hours in this two-day course will train students and emerging design professionals of the various steps included in the Event Management process. Nevertheless, a theoretical and strategic series of steps will be included to analyze, market, and plan an event alongside a practical on-site exercise simulating a potential event. Students must demonstrate a right balance of good communication, creative skills, and proficiency manners.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Gaining theoretical knowledge related to event planning and execution.
  • Exploring the unexpected tasks in order to make an event successful.
  • Solving practical exercises to test participants’ capability of handling emergencies, dealing with tight deadlines, and preparing a rigorous execution plan, as events are a one time event with no room for neither error nor improvisation.
  • Learning from the experiences of event management professionals throughout their testimonials, tips, and tricks to excel in the field.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To be prepared to take on the journey of a highly-demanded career with an accurate overview of the multiple, various tasks required by the event management profession.
  • To apprehend the necessary skills needed in several event management categories, other than planning and execution, such as but not limited to: market campaigns, budget, legal practices, social skills, and more.
  • To obtain the tools to handle transferable skills and list all parameters needed for a professional event management practice.
  • To learn how to delegate, trust, and work with structured teams to driver elaborate assignments with tight deadlines.


Cyril Zammit

Born in Paris, Cyril Zammit is a Dubai-based artist who began his career at the Institut Français in Prague during 1991. Following his studies, Zammit relocated to London to work in the Cultural department of the French Embassy. By 1998, he had impressively taken over the international sponsorship for Montreux Jazz Festival, after which he hosted the launch of the UBs Verbier Festival Youth Orchestra. Furthermore, he was also the head of the sponsorship of Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach, both of which are under the UBS International Sponsorship Committee.

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Cyril Zammit

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