Course Description:

The art of novel writing is complicated yet amusing. It has a variety of methods, tools, and genres. This course is built for those who have a passion for novels, beginning or experienced novel writers, and publishers. 
In this exciting course, participants will learn the fundamentals and basics of writing a novel, novel structures, building characters, and other skills needed in order to write a professional novel through stimulating exercises, team experience exchange, and reviewing and critiquing an enormous number of novels by practicing the effective tools necessary. All this and more will empower the participants in order to become professionals in writing novels.


Learning objectives:

1.    Learning how to write novels professionally.
2.    Choosing the correct narrative voice.
3.    Strengthening character development skills.
4.    Acquiring skills regarding describing and writing the plot.

Learning outcomes:

1.    To differentiate between various writing styles.
2.    To be knowledgeable regarding different narrative voices.
3.    To utilize the skills obtained concerning character development when writing a novel.
4.    To differentiate between different narrative methods.


Mohsen Alramli 

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Mohsen Alramli 

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