Ithra Celebrates the 91st Saudi National Day Under the Slogan “Melodies of the Homeland”


-          Ithra launches a collection of various cultural and heritage programs and activities for the 91st Saudi National Day.

-          The National Day programs include the traditional performances of Grain Pounding, Samiri Hail, and Coffee Tales exhibition.

-          The Tafaseel exhibition highlights the diversity of cultures across the Kingdom through fashion.


DHAHRAN – In celebration of the 91st Saudi National Day, and to highlight cultural diversity across the Kingdom, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) launches a collection of Saudi cultural and heritage programs and activities rich in creativity and knowledge art to highlight the diversity across the Kingdom. Ithra's National Day slogan is “Melodies of the Homeland.” The celebratory activities start on September 22 and end on 25, 2021. The programs will highlight the identity of the Kingdom, which brought a green reality and a national heritage to society.


Ithra will engage visitors through a cultural journey to embody the unity of the people and their interdependence from north to south and east to west through the Tafaseel exhibition. This colorful exhibition will express the diversity of fashion as part of the cultural heritage across the local regions, as well as telling stories about the civilizations that inhabited them.


The National Day activities aim to present a collection of interactive arts, art performances, in addition to live shows, traditional local crafts, interactive cultural activities, various workshops, knowledge-based games for all age groups, musical performances, and the Al-Ardah Al-Najdiah, which is held on multiple festive occasions.


The National Day activities include the Coffee Tales exhibition, which will shed light on the practice of farming coffee and the traditions associated with it, particularly in the Jazan region, as well as Saudi Aramco’s efforts to preserve it.


The music of Samiri Hail reflects the connection the people have with their land, manifested through words and melodies. The art of Grain Pounding is a performance art celebrated by the farmers of Al-Ahsa region and reflects the celebration of the residents of the oasis for the bounties of their land, from wheat to rice, during the harvest seasons.


Children will also enjoy a set of programs that explore the diversity of folklore and cultural heritage in the Kingdom. The programs combine the exploration of renewable energy to establish a sustainable environment, in addition to offering diverse programs and workshops.


Ardah enthusiasts will also enjoy the performance on Saudi National Day. It was used as a war art, especially during the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the hands of the founding King Abdulaziz Bin Abdulrahman Al Saud. Today, it is used as a form of celebration with a cultural twist.


The Arab artist, Ahmed Alshaiba will perform on Ithra’s stage to play the finest music in his unique style, combining eastern and western genres. His distinctive musical melody manifests the finest forms of classical music. Visitors will also enjoy a live musical performance at the Plaza, where different instruments recreate a collection of ancient songs from across the Kingdom.


Ithra visitors can view the programs of the 91st Saudi National Day through Ithra’s website All activities and programs require booking in advance.


It is worth noting that King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) aims to enrich the Saudi society by offering a collection of qualitative initiatives and programs that cater to all classes of society by providing exceptional knowledge-based content and providing visitors with enriching experiences. This comes in line with the center’s vision in nurturing creativity and fostering continuous innovation in the fields of thought and culture to support the Kingdom’s efforts in its relentless pursuit of achieving sustainable social development.



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