We often fear the dark only to find when we enter it, there is nothing to fear on the other side; but once there we can discover a brand-new perspective.

In the absence of one sense, it is believed that the other senses become more enhanced to compensate. When our sense of vision is taken, we must rely on our other senses and our own resourcefulness. While this may test our own abilities, what we truly gain from this experience is a newfound appreciation and transformative new perspective. Tanween 2019 invites visitors to immerse in total darkness where you are encouraged to explore a newfound appreciation for those with visual impairment and gain fresh insight into the world around you.


Converse in The Dark


Insight in total darkness.

Hellen Keller, the acclaimed deaf-blind American author, said that “blindness is an unfortunate handicap, but true vision does not require the eyes.

Does darkness influence the way we articulate our thoughts, the discussion topic we choose, or even the way we voice our arguments?


At the Dialogue in the Dark workshop, participants will explore a feel of perplexity as they are challenged to conduct conversations in utter darkness. With the temporary loss of our most dominant sense – our vision -, we dig deeper beyond our sight to undergo an experience relying on emotional intelligence and social competence.


This workshop will challenge you to participate in a meaningful conversation using all your senses, except sight, but it promises you an enlightening experience with new insight.



Create in The Dark


Pablo Picasso once said that “painting is a blind man's profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen.”

At the Art in the Dark workshop, participants will encounter a challenge in leveraging their hidden skills to explore solutions for specific tasks.

In a playful yet meaningful event, participants will experience new depths to their senses. They will be tasked to draw, write, converse, and play while their eyes cannot see.

This workshop is tailored to demonstrate that visible boundaries can bolster creativity and deliver unpredictable results!


The Taste of Darkness

How do we push the challenge of darkness further? We introduce an additional sense-based element into the equation in a true test of new perspectives. Tanween offers visitors a stimulating unique dining experience at Dining In the Dark!, where they will be served unique and delectable dishes by blind or partially-sighted hosts. It is an extraordinary sensory experience incorporating taste, smell and touch.

This experience offers visitors the opportunity to connect, socialize, and navigate through a meal using all senses but sight as we open ourselves to a new communication setting in total darkness.

This is a social experiment first established in Paris in the early nineties by Frenchman Michel Reilhac who introduced “Le Goût du Noir” (A taste of darkness), a dining experience tailored to give participants a newfound understanding of people with visual impairment and a fresh approach to the way they consume food.

Play in Darkness

Blind Football with Barcelona program offers soccer lovers a chance to train with Soccer Barcelona Youth Academy on how to play blindfolded.

This exercise will empower you to hone your senses, sharpen your coordination skills, and play soccer in a novel, fun, and stimulating atmosphere. But most importantly it will further broaden your perspective with new insight as you complete a new kind of inclusive physical activity where you tackle a blind experience head-on.

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