An Arabesque Melody: The Chehade Brothers Tune-In at Ithra

-          King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) welcomed a lively performance of The Chehade Brothers to Ithra Theater.

-          The Chehade Brothers’ unique Arabesque sound features a fusion of wide-ranging styles and poetic lyrics.

DHAHRAN, SAUDI ARABIA, FEBRUARY 23, 2020 – The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) hosted The Chehade Brothers as they perform their signature style high-energy tunes at the Ithra Theater from February 27th to the 29th, 2020.

Brothers Farid and Rami Chehade are uniquely talented in traditional instruments and contemporary music. Their poetic verses and virtuoso talent on authentic Arab instruments have delighted audiences throughout Europe and the Middle East. The brothers infuse world music with a generous serving of Arabesque to create an unforgettable musical experience.

With upbeat and high-spirited energy, The Chehade Brothers excite audiences while representing the rich cultural legacy of their music. Growing up, their home was a known artist retreat where art, music, and poetry found strong support and encouragement. Their exposure to art from a young age and their desire to share their music with the world have encouraged them to excel in their skills and historical understanding. Both brothers have immeasurable skill in playing Arab instruments including oud, bouzok, and kanoun, among many others. They are also masters of the poetical art forms of zajal, ghazal, hija'a, and taqsim.

Commenting on The Chehade Brothers, Majed Z. Samman, Ithra's Head of Performing Arts and Cinema, comments: "Ithra Theater hosts world-class performances that expand cultural horizons. At the moment they are experiencing soaring success in their musical career, The Chehade Brothers’ upcoming performance at Ithra promises to be something extraordinary. We are always working to deliver high-caliber musicians to Ithra’s stage and The Chehade Brothers allow us to present both poetic art and Arabesque music to our audience. We are truly excited to host a show featuring their upbeat Middle Eastern fusion music."

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