Course Description:

Throughout this course, designers, jewelry designers, artists, typographers, Arabic calligraphers, fashion designers, painters, and illustrators are welcomed to be introduced to the history of jewelry and silver-works in relation to the art of Arabic calligraphy in the Islamic world. Additionally, they will learn from the instructor’s accomplishments ranging from past works and projects. Furthermore, participants will learn how to sketch and design their very own jewelry piece.


Course Objectives:

  • Being introduced to the fundamentals of Arabic calligraphy and lettering.
  • Sharing the knowledge of utilizing the art of Arabic calligraphy in jewelry design and its implementations.
  • Conveying the importance of designing original pieces from scratch utilizing authentic methods.
  • Learning how to interact with lettering and calligraphy in a miniature scale.
  • Practicing the final procedures and understanding production details.


Course outcomes:

  • To practice different arts and crafts disciplines in order to produce the desired works.
  • To finalize one’s design concept into a semi-real object.
  • To acquire the skills of communications with the craftsmen in the jewelry field.
  • To gain the potential to create more types of jewelry based on the accomplished piece.


Recommended for:
Design. Jewelery design. Art. Typography. Arabic. Calligraphy. Fashion design. Fine art. Identity. Visual. Culture. Social. Communication. Community. Neighborhood. Local. Lettering. Painting. Illustrations. 


Hussein Alazaat

Hussein Alazaat is an Arabic calligraphy artist, instructor, multidisciplinary designer, and typography enthusiast from Jordan. He founded ALAZAAT Design Studio, located in Amman. Alazaat was able to fulfill his vision of offering his services to various clients and industries worldwide. Alazaat didn’t stop there, he continued to establish his platform ELHARF; an online platform and cultural space that is home to the visual arts, a variety of learning experiences, and the celebration of the true Arabian identity.

Hussein Alazaat

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