Course Brief Description:

This foundational jewelry course welcomes jewelry designers, artisan craftsmen, metalsmiths, and jewelers to learn all about fundamental jewelry making techniques. By the end of the course, participants will be able to practice several jewelries techniques, and translate their own designs into wearable unique pieces of jewelry.


Course Objectives:

  •  Introduce participants to Jewelry techniques such as sawing, drilling, piercing, hammer texturing, filing, sanding, and polishing.
  • Utilize design templates.
  • Drawing to scale.
  • Be able to transfer designs to metal sheets.
  • Create a set of jewelry (not just one piece, but two pieces that go together).


Course Outcomes:

  • To utilize the skills learned in physical practice.
  • To complete two pieces of finished jewelry of their own designs, made entirely by hand from start to finish.


Recommended for:
Jewelry making, Jewelry designing, Artisan craft, Handmade, Metalwork, Metalsmith, Jeweler.


Rachel Chiodo

Born and raised near Boston, Rachel Chiodo pursued a bachelor’s of fine arts in jewelry and metalsmithing and received her degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. Since then, her work has been exhibited widely, from New York to London, where she also co-curated several exhibitions. Chiodo continued her education in 2019, and received her master’s degree from the Royal College of Art in London. She has since been based in Cairo, where she works as the senior instructor and educational designer at The Design Studio by Azza Fahmy. Chiodo has always been passionate about teaching, because, beside personal and professional growth, she treasures the constant exchange of ideas between students and teachers.

Rachel Chiodo

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