Course Description:

Every project we want to create starts with an idea, an impulse that is often inspired by a subject or question we are interested in exploring. But how can we help that idea reach its full potential? This course will expose participants to a number of different strategies to brainstorm, develop, and refine artistic ideas. This course welcomes artists, designers, curators, and anyone in the cultural fields wishing to make their creative process more effective and get deeper into their creative thinking process. Following this course, participants will learn a range of creative thinking techniques as well as visual tools to track their ideation process. Participants will be able to apply these techniques to any number of projects, ideas, or working methods.


Course Objectives:

  • Develop strategies for brainstorming.
  •  Acquire skills needed to develop ideas for art and design projects.
  • Obtain strategies used to refine ideas related to art and designer project.


Course Outcomes:

  • To learn a range of creative thinking techniques.
  • To acquire visual tools to track the ideation process.
  • To apply the learned techniques to any number of project ideas or working methods.


Recommended for:
Artists, designers, curators, creative thinking, art developers.


Perla Montelongo

Perla Montelongo is the director of the Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin and her main focus is designing alternative learning strategies for contemporary art. In 2010, she co-founded Node Center, establishing it as a place for teaching, researching, and experimenting with subjects related to curatorial studies and contemporary art practices. Moreover, Perla has developed and defined the Node Center’s structure which has included the Collaborative Curatorial Residencies, the Online Educational Platform, and the Innovators Grant for Research in Art and Education. In 2019, she founded the ‘House of Inventions’, an educational program in Ciudad Juárez, México, that empowers teenagers to solve local issues while cultivating creative solutions to change their environment and communities.

Perla Montelongo

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