Sufyan al-Buraq

Sufyan al-Buraq


I read because I am no good at anything else.

Sufyan describes reading as his savior from the clutches of sadness and melancholy, as he could not have escaped from his depression without its help. For him, reading is a magical ointment that, once rubbed on thoughts inflicted with sadness and anxiety, melts them into calmness and serenity. Reading introduced him to the subtle pleasures of life and kindled an ever radiant and burning joy inside of him, urging him to introduce himself as a young man who is “only good for reading.”

Sufyan believes that reading is his only capital, which never dwindles or decreases in value, no matter how difficult the circumstances may get or how unpredictable his days may turn out to be. For him, it is through reading that we are liberated, our shackles broken, and our mind is given the boost it needs to embrace human progress.

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