Noor Al-Saleh

Noor Al-Saleh


I read to reach a level where I can understand myself.

Zainab’s path was defined by stepping into the huge library of her grandfather, as she feels deeply indebted to reading for everything she has, from capturing her feelings, to molding and growing her vocabulary which helps her translate her ideas cogently, both in moments when life smiles at her or when it seems to turn its face away.

She has long since searched for herself away from books, but instead of finding a bridge, Zainab could only feel estrangement tugging at her heart and an impending sense of longing. Mindful that only reading can bring her closer to her ultimate goal and guide her to understanding herself a little better. To accomplish such a goal, she believes, would be to achieve the greatest victory in her long journey with herself, paper pages, and the many meanings they contain.

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