Mutaz Basharahil

Mutaz Basharahil

The Guest: Ethereal Guardian Project

Project Brief:

The player, as the ethereal guest, visits the parallel universe to explore magical powers in this multi-sensory fantasy adventure to guard Alush & Dara and aid them in their menacing quest.

The game will be a multi-episodic virtual reality short series that uses hand recognition to interact with the environment to cast spells.


Social media accounts (LinkedIn): 

Mutaz Basharahil


Vision of the project:

Currently developing the prototype of the game.

  •  The prototype will be a vertical cut side view passive narrative with minimal interactivity of the story entry segment on the meta quest 2 HMD.
  •  A hand-detection-based sequential scripted experience that is based on the dialogue progression and minimal user interaction to transition between five scenes that displays the feel of the gameplay mechanics, the story, the characters and the environment.

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