Maram Alghamdi

Maram Alghamdi

Virtually There: A Saudi Tourist Experience Project

Team members:

  • Ali


Project Breif:

Virtually There is a virtual tourism experience that takes you to amazing locations in full 3D (6 degrees of freedom) to make you feel like you are really there. When you step into our experience, you will visit some of the most breathtaking places in Saudi Arabia!

Our prototype location will be Alula, where users will be able to explore the stories behind some of Alula’s most iconic tourist attractions, showcasing the beautiful landscape nature. They will enjoy the activities that can be experienced and adding a modern twist to traveling.

Virtually There was formed because we recognized an opportunity to use our VR skills in a new and exciting way to create meaningful content that provides entertainment, education, awareness, and historic relevance to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Something that does justice to the scale and feeling of being in these amazing places. This experience is something no other medium has been able to really capture before now.


Social media accounts (LinkedIn): 

Maram Alghamdi


Vision of the project:

Looking to immerse our audience to:  The Eastern Province- Riyadh- Souda – Abha- Jeddah- Makkah & Madinah (Pilgrimage story).

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