Fatima Nammi

Fatima Nammi

TRACE Project

Project Breif:

TRACE is an interactive, collaborative, and narrative multi-user platform using VR and immersive audio. Serving as a creative tool app, TRACE enables its users to practice, trace techniques, and narrate the process of mural productions, reproduction, and space creation, as well as including a visual archive of the users’ murals. The visual archive is a showcase of the recorded process eligible for reproduction and editing by other tracers. In the experience, the users will join an adventure with Mira, and travel through paintings curated from history to solve riddles


Social media accounts (LinkedIn): 

Fatima Nammi


Vision of the project:

  • Showcase TRACE Demo at Ithra to navigate target users, interest, and feedback.
  • Expand on the Demo Build to include 7 levels connected to the Main Hub, improve the experience, grow the development team and community, and gather interests (users, community, funding, grants, investment, etc...).
  • Improving and updating on the visual art style, hand-tracking interaction, technology, and scenes’ experience.
  • Aiming for Full Production to publish Mira’s Art Journey and with integrated stories and puzzles in one app/game.
  • Implementing a business roadmap and build development plan to expand on the Tracers platform community and market.

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