Faia Younan

Faia Younan


Growing up in the iconic city of Aleppo, Syria and later on moving to Sweden at the age of eleven, Faia carried in her heart oriental tunes and her love for singing everywhere she went. Her passion turned into a career after her video, together with her sister Rihan, "To Our Countries” addressing the countries torn by war, went viral on YouTube and received tremendous attention from online audiences and in the media. In 2015 she moved to Beirut and embarked on her journey as singer.


Embracing a fresh artistic direction and modern musical arrangements while still using classical oriental instruments and poetry in her songs has made Faia’s music authentic and one of a kind. Convinced that music can be a tool for change, Faia focuses on song lyrics that carry a message and a purpose. The poetic lyrics, often written in literary Arabic fus’ha together with Faia’s sentimental voice helped shape her unique musical identity.


Her debut single “Ohebbou Yadayka,” released in 2015, was produced through a phenomenally successful crowd funding campaign that took Faia and her team  to the Guinness World Records as the first Middle-Eastern artist to crowd-fund her debut. She has since released several singles and three albums: “A Sea between Us”, “Tales of the Heart” and “Aswatna”. In addition to the songs she has released and which reflect her beliefs and values in arts and music, Faia has been holding various concerts over the past eight years. 


Her live performances, held in the Middle East’s most renowned and historic theaters such as the Opera Halls of Damascus and Cairo and the Roman amphitheaters of Tunis and Amman, have witnessed record-breaking success and won interest from all ages and different groups. She has also held concerts and participated in festivals in Lebanon, UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Bahrain, Morocco Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark and Canada. This has placed her at the forefront of young artists who present art with purpose that carries in its core cultural, social and humanitarian values.

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