Atheer Alharbi

Atheer Alharbi

Hejaz Railway: A Witness of Time Project

Team members:

  • Hanan Makki
  • Omar Khashoggi


Project Brief:

Set in the 1900’s of the Hijaz region, in current day Saudi Arabia, this Virtual Reality experience is a narrative recreation of a monumental train that, for a brief period, witnessed the stories of travelers from various regions and cultures. In this experience, you will embody one of the characters, Mazin, embarking on a journey to a new life. You begin to unravel his personal story through his letters and recollections... 


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Vision of the project:

  • The story will be expanded to feature multiple characters so players can see the train from different perspectives. 
  •  developing the visuals and interactions further for an even more historically enriched immersive experience. 
  • seeking partnerships with entities that can expand our reach to wider audiences.

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