Uhoud Alminhali

Uhoud Alminhali

The Symphony of Life Project

Project Breif:

Imagine the world you know now. How different your perspective is from how other people view their lives. Ash was once one of the people that saw the world as color and light-but that soon changed  because of circumstances in his life.


Symphony of Life is a VR experience where you join Ash on a trip down memory lane to relive  the memories he once held dear and to help him discover the symphony of his life.

In this experience, you start in a monochrome room that has certain items highlighted and beaming in color in this otherwise black and white room. Interacting with different items sends you to different flashbacks and memories of certain moments in Ash’s life associated with the item.


Social media accounts (LinkedIn): 

Uhoud Alminhali


Vision of the project:

To have a set-place mixed reality experience (scents, actual room spacing, temperature change...) where everything in the VR world is replicated in real life.

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