Course Description:

Throughout this creative course, calligraphers, graphic designers and anyone who has a lingering curiosity for Arabic calligraphy, will explore the world of Arabic calligraphy. Moreover, participants will focus on the Diwany font by learning the essential tools, and practicing the controlled usage of the pen. Furthermore, participants will learn how to write individual letters and in cursive. The course will also introduce participants to famous Arabic calligraphers, calligraphy schools and methods. Finally, participants will analyze great creative calligraphy art work to gain inspiration in order to write their own fascinated artwork in the Diwany font under the supervision of the facilitator.


Course Objectives:

  • Being introduced to the most famous types of Diwany font.
  • Learning the fundamentals of writing in the Diwany font.
  • Starting the path of learning the Diwany font.


Course Outcomes:

  • To learn the proper controlled usage of the pen.
  • To gain knowledge regarding the main rules of writing in Diwany font including the line principle.
  • To be able to write individual letters in the Diwany font.
  • To obtain the ability to write in cursive.
  • To acquire the skills necessary to write standard sentences using the Diwany font.


Recommended for:
Calligraphers, graphic designers, and artists who want to use Arabic calligraphy.


Siraj Reda Allaf 

The Saudi artist and licensed Arabic calligrapher Siraj Reda Allaf has worked as an Engineering Consultant and is a PhD candidate in Computer Engineering.
Allaf has achieved many awards and accomplishments and is one of the most famous teachers in the field of Arabic calligraphy. He is known for his pioneering efforts in integrating AI and Arabic calligraphy, and is also known as a researcher on artificial intelligence.

Siraj Reda Allaf 

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