Course Description:

Each legend or cultural story has its own magic and attraction as it describes the roots of the society and reveals how it is culturally and economically formed.

Being able to tell a story in a fascinating and memorable way is a great skill that one needs to hone in order to express the story's beauty, message, and lessons. In this exciting course, participants such as media workers, writers, producers, and content creators will practice the criteria of choosing the right story for their audience, the essential tools, and techniques needed to turn history into fascinating written content in a professional manner.


Course Objectives:

  • Practicing the principles of choosing stories suitable for the audience.
  • Converting oral stories into compelling creative writing texts.
  • Gaining the ability to rewrite well-known tales professionally 


Course Outcomes:

  •  To select an appropriate story for creative writing. 
  •  To identify the basic elements of the story that create its essence and ways of presenting it in a creative and attention-grabbing manner.
  •  To transform the story into professional, creative and well-written content.


Recommended for:

Journalists and authors who are interested in creating fascinating content.


Thamer Alsunaidi

Thamer Alsunaidi is a content creator, director and producer. He is a multi-talented enthusiast and has worked in different cultural organizations with a focus on content creation which has given him great experience on many levels. Alsunaidi is the co-founder of “تحدث العربية “ (“Talk in Arabic”) which shows how to be proud of the Arabic language and the importance of the Arabic language. He is also the founder of "فلان" (“Anonymous”) which focuses on content creation about the human experience in the evolving world.

Thamer Alsunaidi

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