Course Description:

The cultural sector is considered one of the most important and evolving sectors. Thus, this sector involves a variety of fields such as: art, music, literature, and so on. In this course, the participants, such as the workers in cultural sectors or programs and cultural initiative creators, will widen their knowledge in the criteria and tools of cultural projects and how it is different and more complex than other projects. Furthermore, they will develop their management skills and learn the best practices followed in order to achieve the best quality outcomes for future projects.


Course Objectives:

  • Building a professional plan for cultural projects.
  • Creating outlines in relation to cultural projects and managing them in a sufficient manner
  • Placing indicators of success to create a better foundation for the project
  • Managing funds in a manner that further supports the project in all its details.


Course Outcomes:

  • To build an adequate plan in relation to cultural projects
  • To work out goals and outcomes of the project in a clear, detailed, and realistic manner
  • To be able to estimate the risks of the project and to manage them professionally
  • To showcase indicators of success within the project in accordance with international standards and measure the extent of its success in achieving the expected goals and outputs.


Recommended for:
Those who work in cultural sectors, and are interested in developing cultural programs and projects.


Ahmed Tabaaji

Ahmed tabaaji is a cultural advisor and cultural work developer. Furthermore, he is a member of the advisory board in the Arabic language department of King Abdul-Aziz University. His work experience includes a trainer for reading arts, a children’s book author, a previous host of Book of the Week in Panorama FM, and the co-writer of a fascinating book (التجربة والتكوين).

Ahmed Tabaaji

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