Course Description:

This practical four-day course is for anyone who likes to work with their hands, or who plans to be a ceramic or pottery artist. Participants will learn about the history of ceramics – reaching back to its appearance as an early sign of civilization. They will be introduced to the three main techniques for making pottery and ceramics by hand — pinching, coiling and slab building — and learn to use the electric wheel as well as polishing, decorating, painting and glazing their pieces so that they end up with a signature product.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learning about the history of ceramics, and changes that have occurred over the years.
  • Getting to know world-famous ceramicists and ceramic scholars.
  • Gaining the ability to use ceramics for self-expression.
  • Understanding the different uses of pottery.
  • Learning about types of pottery and firing techniques.
  • Practicing the three main techniques for making pottery.
  • Practicing placing pottery in the middle of the wheel and making a functional product.
  • Learning polishing techniques.
  • Practicing decorating techniques


Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will become familiar with the history of ceramics around the world and how it defined civilizations.
  • Participants will examine the works of world-famous ceramicists.
  • Participants will understand different types of pottery and firing techniques.
  • Participants will gain the ability build different products and tools for everyday use, and will execute three different products from among items such as cups, vases, plates, tea sets, etc.

Recommended for:
Artists, calligraphers, sculptors, yoga instructors/students, chefs and bakers.


Lama Alhalabi

Lama Abdulqader Alhalabi is the cofounder and operations manager of Khazzaf Studio in Dammam. She was the guest speaker on Live from the Children’s Museum at Ithra (May – June, 2020), a VIP Museum representative at Fikr17 under HRH Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, the President of the Arab Thought Foundation, that was hosted at Ithra in 2019. Lama was selected to display her paintings and art works in several art galleries in Springfield, MO, USA, and received the Dean’s list Certificate from Missouri State University in 2017.

Lama Alhalabi

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