Course Description:

What is art? Why does it attract us? Why do we need it? And what are its types and forms?
This course provides a tour into the theory and practice of artistic expression, opening windows in different directions, and giving those drawn to the arts with the background knowledge and the courage to do so. It will provide novices and professionals alike with a fresh perspective to expand on what they already know and enrich their art experiences.   

Learning Objectives:

  • Learning how art developed over time and how it has played into human civilization, beginning from the primitive attempts at artistic expression to the modern methods of looking at art.
  • Delving into the historic background of art pioneers, to draw on their experience and learn how they broke the chains of tradition to come up with something new, and, finally, to gain the ability to look at art objectively.
  • Identifying the key differences in style between the Near and Far East, what makes each tradition stand out, and how this plays out in contemporary art.
  • Highlighting the new art trends and the increased level of awareness of daily life as content, using contemporary art as an example.
  • Learning about the origins of artistic tools and materials, how they were developed and getting acquainted with modern tools of artistic expression such as apps and digital imaging programs, followed by an exciting practical experience.  


Learning Outcomes:

  • Promoting the limitless artistic abilities of people, and the abundance of their cultural output.
  • Learning the most important achievements of contemporary art, enjoying its creations without overlooking the foundational frameworks upon which they were built, to consider both in terms of evaluation and criticism.
  • Exposing participants to new areas of creativity, from which they can draw elements to develop their artworks.
  • Getting participants to see the different variables that came into the creative and cultural sectors in modern times, helping them get up to speed, find new opportunities and aim for a broader and more diverse interaction with the industry.
  • Getting participants acquainted with new tech tools, to enhance their skills or develop new ones. 


Recommended for:
Painters, visuals artists, gallery owners, art collectors, students and faculty members of art schools, researchers and art critics, calligraphers, photographers, and anyone interested in the visual arts.


Kameel Hawa

Kameel Hawa is a multidisciplinary artist who paints, sculpts and designs. He is a pioneering creative who has influenced the art and design scene in the Arab world, and who is well known for his calligraphic sculptures, transforming words into eye-catching art pieces including projects featured in Beirut, AUB, Fann and Ithra. As well as being a well-respected artist, Hawa is the founder of Al Mohtaraf Design House located in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, which provides design services in different areas such as publications, brand identity and typographic design.

Kameel Hawa

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