Course Description:

Throughout this five-day beginner course, filmmakers, producers, and directors will learn the basics of creating a proper pitch deck. Moreover, the created pitch deck can be used to gain support from investors, funding programs, hiring film crew and talents for movies. One of the most important skills required to start a film project is visually drafting an idea. Nevertheless, building a movie pitch deck is an art form that blends storytelling with marketing in order to captivate potential backers. In other words, it’s not merely about listing elements, but also about weaving a narrative that showcases a film's potential.


Course Objectives:

After completing the five-day course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the film industry in order to effectively begin the film creation process.
  • Draft a pitch deck consisting of an idea for a screenplay.
  • Design a theme while successfully delivering it through chosen colors, fonts and visuals.
  • Organize information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Implement techniques for various vocal tones and body language.


Course Outcomes:

  • To gain the needed skills for building a pitch deck
  • To create and personalize a pitch deck design
  • To present the created pitch deck in the course


Recommended for:
Filmmakers, directors and producers


Hamad Abdulla

Hamad Abdulla Ali is a passionate award-winning filmmaker. With both local and international multimedia experience, he earned his MFA in film production from Full Sail University. He has worked on more than 80 video projects, such as films, tv shows, music-videos, commercials and documentaries as a director, producer, writer and production designer. His experience includes working with youth in the entertainment and film industry for over a decade. Throughout this time period, he helped develop and design engaging youth programs.

Hamad Abdulla

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