Course Description:

You can distinguish a great work of literature through its elements — and one of them is the character’s everlasting story: There is a deep connection between the audience and the characters in the text, which allows the character’s story to live on even after the book seems to be over. 
This course is inspirational and practical for story and novel lovers, writers, authors and those who specialize in literature and publishing. 
In this creative course, participants will discover the essential tools needed in order to build a memorable character through discovering a source of inspiration for finding and building the character, establishing the character’s elements to build a stronger work, and merging the character into the story’s events.


Course Objectives:

  • Choosing the appropriate characters for a literary piece.
  • Getting inspiration and comprehensive ideas for the characters in terms of their characteristics, personality, appearance, clothes, looks and movements.
  • Building and forming the character and all their elements professionally.
  • Integrating the character into the setting so that they are a vital part of the story.


Course Outcomes:

  • To choose an appropriate character for the literary work
  • To Create a character with all its essential elements and integrate it with professional works.
  • To write a literature text with different and diverse characters.
  • To Apply character building tools with high professionalism.


Recommended for:

Those interested in stories, novels, and character building. As well as students of literature and those who work in publishing.


Bader Al Samari

Bader Al Samari, a Saudi writer from the Eastern Province, is an experienced author of novels, short stories, screenplays and literary articles. He has also contributed to the translation of several texts from English to Arabic. Al Samari has been the secretary of the Story Club in the Eastern Province and he has played a crucial role in the founding of Jsad Al Thakafa (The Body of Culture Forum).

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Bader Al Samari

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