Course Description:

Legends and cultural stories have their own magic, and attraction, it is describing the social roots of the society, how its culturally and economically formed, and has the has that appalling fact rather than historical stories. Being able to tell the story in a fascinating and memorable way is a great skill that one needs to improve in order to express the story beauty, message and lessons. In this exciting course, the participants such as media workers, writers, producers and content creators will practice the criteria of choosing the right story for their audience, as well as the essential tools and techniques needed to turn history into a fascinating written piece in a professional way.


Course Objectives:

  • Practicing the principles of choosing stories suitable for the audience.
  • Converting oral stories into an elaborate creative writing piece.
  • Gaining the ability to rewrite known tales professionally.


Course Outcomes:

  • To select the appropriate story for creative writing.
  • To identify the basic elements of the story that create its essence and ways of presenting it in a creative and attention-grabbing manner.
  • To transform the story into a professional, creative and proficient output.


Recommended for:

This masterclass is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys art, painting, calligraphy or traditional artistic practice.


Esra Al Hamal

The Saudi artist Dr. Esra Al Hamal is an educator, podcaster and a co-founder of Bristle and Brush watercolors, based in London, UK. Dr. Al Hamal’s PhD thesis was an in-depth study of Islamic biomorphic patterns and illumination. She is also passionate about traditional art, and has been putting this passion into practice since 2014 when she began studying for her masters in Interior Architecture.

Esra Al Hamal

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