Ithra celebrates the brilliant work of Saudi Cinema by screening a collection of short documentary films directed and produced by Saudi filmmakers which will show the history of Al-Qatt art, and the cultivation of lime and jasmine.

Immortalizing the Art of the Asri cat:
The mountain-bound villages that flourished held an inspiring allure for all their inhabitants. From the walls of these secluded abodes, the captivating art of Al-Qatt al-Asiri exuded, infusing the homes with vibrant life. This documentary plays a pivotal role in ensuring the perpetuation of this art form for generations to come.

The film tells about jasmine as an aromatic plant and its customs and traditions in the Jazan region.
Jasmine is the first destination for every tourist visiting the city of Jazan, because we honor the guests and welcome them with Jasmine and plants.
The perfume is always accompanying us on occasions and weddings in the city of Jazan.

Sweet Sour:
Peasants in Al-Ahsa face challenges related to water scarcity and storms that might destroy lemon trees. Plantation of lemon trees is considered as one of the main sources of income in the city.
Flowering season begins in the winter until summer season comes. Traditionally, women every year make “Jameed” after a long festive ritual by squeezing lemons then leaving them on the roofs of the houses.

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