Course Brief Description:

 Throughout this three-day masterclass, artists, designers, marketers, and those who are invested in the advertising industry are welcom to dive into the world of poster design. Beginning with an introduction to the history of poster design, exploring different poster styles ranging from classic illustrated poster designs to Swiss international poster designers, and looking at the most influential contemporary poster designers that shaped graphic design practice. Nevertheless, within this course, participants will obtain a perspective on the power of political and social posters. However, the focus of the course will be maintained on the cultural sector of poster design.
 While the design principles of poster design will be carefully studied, they will be further explored with a practical assignment. Throughout this assignment, participants will be encouraged to expressively and artistically integrate typography into the composition. Furthermore, this course will also focus on the bilinguality of graphic design, thus the typographic integration of the Latin and Arabic scripts will be explored in the context of poster design. Moreover, the practical challenges of bilingual communication will also be addressed. These challenges include layout design, selecting compatible fonts, and maintaining a balanced and well designed graphic composition while communicating in two languages. 


 Learning Objectives:


  • Gaining a deep theoretical and practical overview of poster design that ranges from concept development, layout design, and furthermore, final visual composition.
  • Developing the ability to apply general graphic design skills, in addition to bilingual typography skills, into the particular practice of poster design.
  • Inspiring new creative approaches to poster design that are contemporary, innovative, minimalist, and highly typographic, while attaining an enhancement of the participant’s overall composition design skills.


 Learning Outcomes:

  • To develop a poster design that is qualified to be included in one’s designer's portfolio.
  • To complete the poster design assignment given with the support of the instructor; to redesign a classic vintage poster into a contemporary concept with the focus on bilingual typography and a minimal graphic approach.
  • To gain a rich poster design literacy that inspires the turning of cultural posters into collectible, seductive items.


Recommended for:

Graphic Designers (students and/or Professionals), Designers, poster design enthusiasts, and creative profiles. visual artists.  Participant’s experience: Intermediate / Advanced knowledge in design.




Tarek Atrissi

Creative Dutch-Lebanese designer, Tarek Atrissi, is the founder of Tarek Atrissi Design (, a design studio based in Barcelona and with offices in The Netherlands. He has a diversified knowledge of a variety of cultures, with his ability of fluently speaking Arabic, French, English, Dutch & Spanish. Atrissi’s studio’s typographic and cross-cultural design approach is a production of projects that left a significant influence on the contemporary graphic design landscape in the Middle East. He is a member of the advisory committee of The Creative Industries Fund NL, the biggest cultural funds in Holland supporting international design projects with funding from The Netherlands' ministries of culture and education. Atrissi is an interesting designer with an extraordinary vision. 

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Tarek Atrissi

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