Course Description:

 A crash course in the world of music production with Ableton Live, where musicians, artists, creators, music lovers, tech mongers and voice engineers get to enhance their knowledge in the world of music production through learning the fundamentals of the trade.
 After learning the concepts of music production and its affiliated tools, participants will get to express their ideas, musical vision, create pieces themselves and stumble on fresh perspectives they have yet to encounter in the world of vocals and music production. 

 Learning objectives:

  • Teaching participants the basics of the program:

This allows them to navigate, create, edit and manipulate sounds and music.

  • Allowing participants to sketch ideas and explore new possibilities:

By learning the tools functions and the concepts of music production, participants will be able to express their ideas and explore newer ones through first-hand experimentation in sound and music.

  • Training participants to create their own basic music tracks and getting them started on their production journey:

Through approaching the topic from the macro to the micro perspective, participants will attain the required knowledge allowing them to dip their toes in various fields of music production.


 Learning outcomes:

  • Participants will acquire a strong foundation in the subject of music production.
  • Participants will be able to understand various fields related to the subject of production.
  • Participants will have the ability to create sound instrumentals and make beats.
  • Participants will use the software at a basic level of operation to start sketching their ideas.
  • Different genres will be covered based on the participants musical tastes.


Course Requirements: Personal laptop - downloading Ableton Live


Recommended for:
Musicians, Artists, Creatives, Music Fans, Audiophiles, Computer Savvy individuals, IT Backgrounds, Electrical Engineers, Voice Over Talents, Video Editors.


Nasser Alshemimry

Nasser Alshemimry is an audio-visual artist who goes by the alias DesertF!sh, through which he honors his Najdi roots and his life on the coast of the Red Sea. Alshemimry engages in the world of sound as a composer and studio operator serving media, corporates, art galleries, and artists. From the visual side, he is delving deep into the world of interactive art through self-taught graphics processing. It is a topic of great interest by which he connects two mediums together sound and visual. 
 Nasser manages the Desert Dream Audio-Visual Agency, through which he instructs students from all around the kingdom since 2018. His gency aims to give back to the creative community by sharing the passion and love they hold for the arts through designated workshops and courses in the topics of Music and Audio-Visuals.

Nasser Alshemimry

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