Plant Explorers (4-6 years)


First Session:

From 10 July to 20 July


Second Session:

From 7 August to 17 August


Tree trunks, branches and flowers. In this track children will be introduced to plants that are native to Saudi Arabia and observe their physical characteristics, shapes, colors, sizes and patterns as they grow architecturally with multiple functions. Little architects will offer architectural solutions to reduce waste, improve efficiency and ultimately achieve eco-friendly structures that are functionally and visually appealing and robust. 


• Educational goals 
- Encourage children to look at their environment more closely and start to appreciate the different living things around them – specifically, plants. 
- Recognize eco-friendly plant-based structures 
- Identify the plants in Saudi Arabia


• Day-by-day Schedule 


Saturday | Orientation Day:

On the orientation day, parents can complete the registration forms and collect the participants’ camp kits. This is also a chance for your child to familiarize themselves with the camp’s environment, learning spaces, facilitators, and friends.


Monday |A Seed’s Story:

Let’s observe the plants around us! It’s truly a wonder that we can find them everywhere. Our young architects will notice the different plants and their effect on architecture through an elaborate visit in Ithra’s vast gardens.


Sunday: The center is closed.


Tuesday | Look Closer:

Dig, plant, and expand! This is what plants do to grow in a way that suits their needs.

On this day, young architects discover the nature of plants and what helps them grow in an environment suitable for their characteristics, through direct examination and experiments.


Wednesday | Can You Become a Flower?

Our young architects will explore the well-known native flowers and inspect their coping mechanisms with the difficult environment surrounding them by emulating its colors. The young engineers will take a close look at those flowers and reflect on their impact on the patterns of architecture around us.


Thursday | Green Solutions

Plants and trees play an important role in all aspects of architecture as sustaining them determines the quality of our lives. Our young campers will suggest architectural solutions for environment-friendly designs, by watching a movie and then building structures from different materials, using the knowledge they gained.


Monday | Tallest Living Things!

Have you ever wondered what the tallest living things are? Well, of course they are trees! And we can't talk about local plants without mentioning palm trees! Young architects will learn about the different types and shapes of palm trees and how humans used them in architecture and created an identity that was inspired by them, by interacting with the different parts of a palm tree.


Tuesday | Architectural Inspirations:

Inspiration, planning, and implementation! This is what humans do to create beautiful architectural designs around them. On this day, young architects will discover for themselves how nature can be a source of inspiration. Now the time has come to take a thorough look and think of innovative ways to design their own beautiful structures.


Wednesday | Greenhouses

This is an exploratory trip to discover innovative solutions invented by humans to make the surrounding environment suitable for sustainability through building greenhouses.


Thursday | The Last Day (Family Experience): 

Join us with your child for the final 45 minutes on the last day of the camp for a fun-packed family time and get a taste of what the children experienced during camp!


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