Green Architecture (7-9 years)


First Session:

From 10 July until 20 July 


Second Session:

From 7 August until 17 August


The inclusion of nature in architecture directly elevates the spirit of the space and serves as a visual connection between indoor and outdoor environments. It also improves concentration and leads to positive functioning of the human mind. In this track, children tap into various ways nature can be incorporated into design, which enhances our sense of well-being, performance and existence.


Educational goals
1. To explore various methods of incorporating nature in architecture and design
2. To create ways to support nature, bugs, birds, plants and living things


Key words
1. Biophilia
2. Color palettes
3. Ventilation, natural light, open landscapes


Day-by-Day Program Schedule

- Saturday| Orientation day: 

On this day, parents can complete the registration forms and collect the participants’ camp kits. In addition, this is a chance for your child to familiarize themselves with the camp’s environment, learning spaces, facilitators and friends.


- Monday| For the Love of Life: 

Embedding nature in architecture and adding natural sensory elements into living environments enhances our overall well-being. Children delve into the biophilic concept of design to grasp the importance of being in touch with nature. From natural light to ventilation, to natural landscape features, children explore different ways to satisfy our natural innate state that is harmonious in the presence of nature.


- Tuesday| Preserving Nature: 

Having open spaces and landscape areas in combination with built spaces allows us to live in constant contact and balance with nature. On this day, children explore different open landscape design styles that minimize interference with nature and encourage us to be in constant dialogue with nature. Through site visitation and exploration, children will experience the concepts learned about Ithra as an iconic building. 


- Wednesday| Colors from Nature: 

Choosing earth-tone colors in both the interior and exterior of buildings can create atmospheres of serenity and connection between one’s self and nature. On this day, children explore color theory fundamentals and color palettes that must be kept in mind when choosing colors that compose spaces. Children will then create their own color palettes to design a home.


- Thursday| Green Houses:

Looking at the world around us and our environment, we can see that humans have taken up a lot of the natural resources provided. On this day, campers will learn about one of the important ways human kind has tried to preserve nature – green houses.


- Monday| Building with Natural Elements:

Inspired by the previous day, campers will be introduced to the concept of building and creating with natural elements, also exploring how different architectural structures were created in harmony with nature a long time ago.


- Tuesday| Architecture & Color Inspirations:

Through looking at some of the exhibits hosted at Ithra, such as the From Earth Exhibit, campers will gain understanding about nature-inspired art from different perspectives, particularly works focused on the environment around them.


- Wednesday| What Would Happen:

On this day, campers will start to make the connection between human actions towards the environment and their consequences.


- Thursday| Loving Living Things:  

When we talk about combining architecture and nature, we think about materials, landscape and spaces inhabited by humans, forgetting that we also share our existence with countless other life-forms. On this day, our green architects look for ways to support and create homes for animals and plants to help us live a holistic natural life.


- Thursday| The Last Day (Family Experience):  

Join us with your child for the final 45 minutes on the last day of the camp for a fun-filled family time to get a sense of what the children experienced during camp!

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