Course Description:

This short course is a wonderful introduction to the rich heritage of Islamic floral decorations. In two days, this masterclass will be a great addition for anyone who enjoys art, painting, calligraphy, and traditional artistic practices. During this class, the participants will be able to draw their own florals and learn two painting styles. The facilitator will take the participants on a great journey to discover drawing symmetrical flowers using tracing paper, drawing stylized flowers from images, and painting in two painting styles in order to improve their drawing skills.


Learning objectives

  • Discovering the common Islamic floral patterns that are commonly seen in tiles and manuscripts.
  • Practicing drawing certain flower shapes.
  • Painting the flowers professionally using two styles in a creative way.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to draw certain floral shapes very well.
  • Participants will get creative with painting the shapes using the two styles they learned in the course.


Recommended for:
Individuals interested in the practice of Islamic art 


Esra Al Hamal

The Saudi artist Dr. Esra Al Hamal is an educator, podcaster, and a co-founder of Bristle and Brush watercolors, based in London, UK. Dr. Al Hamal PhD thesis studied Islamic biomorphic patterns and illumination. She is also passionate about traditional art, and has been putting this passion for it in practice since 2014 while studying her Masters of Arts in Interior Architecture.

Esra Al Hamal

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